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GAT District Funding

USD $500 is available for each district with the submission of a GAT success story (one submission per district). Any district GAT Member (District Governor, GLT, GMT, GST Coordinator) on record with Lions Clubs International or the Cabinet Secretary may apply for the funding. Submissions will be accepted through May 1.

Submissions for the 2021-22 year are now open. Please submit your story below.

How to Receive Your Funding


Step One

Take a look at the story requirements and writing prompts.

Step Two

Plan your story and compile links to posts or stories about it and any images or documents you’d like to share.

Step Three

Complete your story submission below no later than May 1.
This video tutorial can help guide you through the process!

Step Four

Tell your cabinet treasurer to watch for emails from Lions International requesting your district’s banking information


Use the form here to complete your submission for GAT District Funding. Submissions that fulfill all of the criteria will receive payment within 4-6 weeks.

Craft a Stellar Story

Find out what makes a district funding submission stand out from the crowd.

Contact Us

Send us your questions or let us know how you plan to use your GAT District Funding.