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Global Action Team Resources

Providing strong service projects will offer opportunities for our current members to re-engage in Lions. It will also provide opportunities for potential members to see firsthand the work we do in our local communities and to learn about our global impact.

With that, new members will join and existing members will remain. Membership will grow with service. And, in order to have dynamic service projects, programs and clubs, great leaders will be needed.

Therefore, leadership development opportunities will be available to gain and practice skills needed to be successful.

Use these resources to achieve your goals, and don’t forget to check out the GAT Merchandise in the Lions Shop for GAT pins, banners, tablecloths and more.  Banners and tablecloths are also available in official Lions International languages.

Pocket Guide

Talking Points

Global Action Team Staff Contact List

GLT Toolbox

GMT Toolbox

GST Toolbox

GAT Ambassador Toolkit

GAT Action = Impact Showcase

Success Story Webinar Toolkit

Resources to help leaders host local success story webinars in their areas.

Success Story Webinar Recommended Timeline

Success Story Webinar PPT Template

Success Story Webinar Storytelling Best Practices

Success Story Webinar Presenter Brief

Success Story Webinar Promotional Email Templates

Success Story Webinar Instagram & WhatsApp Advertisement

Success Story Webinar Facebook Advertisement

Success Story Webinar Twitter Advertisement

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