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Global Action Team (GAT) Leadership

Clubs Are at the Center of the Action

The Global Action Team (GAT) puts the entire Lions network to work for your club. And teamwork is the key—it brings the entire GLT, GMT and GST together to support your club. It’s a bottoms-up, whole-club approach that can energize every facet of your club. Help is all around you.

Global Action Team Visual

Global Action Team Roster

GAT Field Guide


Roles and Responsibilities


Global Action Team Chairperson

Area Leaders

Global Action Team Constitutional Area Leader Roles & Responsibilities

Global Action Team Regional Area Leader Roles & Responsibilities

Global Action Team Area Leader Roles & Responsibilities

Multiple District Roles

Multiple District Chairperson (Council Chairperson) Roles & Responsibilities

Multiple District GLT Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities

Multiple District GMT Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities

Multiple District GST Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities

District Roles

GAT District Chairperson (District Governor) Roles & Responsibilities

GLT District Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities

GMT District Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities

GST District Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities

Club Roles

Global Action Team Club Chairperson (Club President) Roles & Responsibilities

Global Leadership Team Club Leadership Development Chairperson Roles & Responsibilities

Global Membership Team Club Membership Chairperson Roles & Responsibilities

Global Service Team Club Service Chairperson Roles & Responsibilities

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