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Lioness Bridge Program

The Lioness Bridge Program makes it possible for Lionesses to honor and acknowledge their proud past while enjoying all the benefits, rights and privileges associated with Lions club membership.

Recent updates to the program are:

  • April 2018, the LCI International Board of Directors made the decision to encourage all current Lioness clubs to join the Lions family by extending the Join Together program effective until June 2021.
  • June 2018, additional concessions were made by the LCI Board of Directors to encourage individual Lioness to formally join the Lions family.
  • April 2019, LCI International Board of Directors made the decision to separate the Lioness Bridge program from the Join Together Program. Consistent with the decision made in April 2018, the Lioness Bridge program will end on June 30, 2021 when all concessions will no longer be offered.

As a Lioness, you can:

  • Continue to make a real impact in your community
  • Vote at the international convention
  • Receive administrative support from Lions Clubs International
  • Enjoy new leadership opportunities

To learn more about the concessions for both Lioness Clubs and individual Lioness, please review the Frequently Asked Questions.

Lionesses can register for the Lioness Bridge Program and receive credit for their previous years of service by completing this form.

The Lioness Bridge Charter Worksheet and Report of Charter Members Worksheet are both great tools that help collect all necessary information to complete the Lioness Bridge application online at MyLCI.

For queries that cannot be answered by the information found on this page, please email

Print this club certificate, for Lioness clubs that have bridged, to thank the club for their years of service by acknowledging their original charter date. 

Print this parting certificate to thank Lioness clubs, who have decided not to bridge to a Lions Club, for their years of service. 

For more information on the Join Together Program, please visit the Join Together Program webpage.