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Grants FAQ

For which grant should I apply?

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) offers several types of grants, supporting the service of Lions across a variety of causes. Please refer to the grant comparison chart for additional information, including the specific criteria for each type of grant

Can a club apply for an LCIF grant? Can a Leo club apply for a grant?

Most grants require multiple club involvement and/or the district/multiple district to apply. Starting soon, Leo clubs will be able to plan and implement their own service projects with assistance from an LCIF grant.

How do Lions districts and multiple districts apply for a grant?

For more information about applying for LCIF grant funding, contact LCIF first, then your district or multiple district coordinator for additional questions. Call LCIF at +1-630-468-6769 or e-mail LCIF at Applications and supplemental information are available online.

When should a grant application be submitted?

All applications must be complete and submitted at least 90 days prior to review by the board/committee. View the grant application deadlines.

What qualities does LCIF look for in a grant application?

The project must address an important humanitarian need, serve a relatively large population, be cost effective, and be beyond local fundraising capability. Also, the budget must show ample funding from local Lions' organizations, the project must have a strong Lions' identity and involvement, and it must be endorsed by the district cabinet.

Does LCIF offer grants for individual assistance (i.e. scholarships, personal medical expenses, etc.)?

LCIF supports large-scale projects that address unmet humanitarian needs for entire communities. These projects are led by local Lions who identify the need, develop the plan of action and carry out the project. LCIF does not have a grant program that supports individual assistance. These requests are more appropriately directed to the local Lions who often have programs in place to support these types of requests within their communities. Use the club locator to find a club in your area to contact.

How are LCIF grant programs funded?

The vast majority of grant funding is made possible by donations from Lions clubs and individual members worldwide. LCIF does not receive any portion of Lions membership dues. Gifts from foundations, corporations, governments, non-Lions and interest earned on investments also provide funding.

How are LCIF grant-funded programs monitored?

Technical advisors, external evaluators and LCIF staff conduct careful monitoring and evaluation before, during, and after the project. This includes project site visits. International and local Lions leadership are also involved throughout the application and the monitoring and evaluation process.

When are grant reports due and who is responsible for submitting them?

Final reports are due for all LCIF funded projects.  A report form is provided by LCIF. The report should be submitted at the completion of the project and should detail the accomplishments of the project and account for all grant expenditures. The grant administrator is responsible for ensuring that LCIF receives a complete and timely report upon the completion of the project. All reports (except for SightFirst) must be reviewed and approved by the district cabinet/multiple district council prior to being submitted to LCIF. While SightFirst grants do not require this, it is expected that the grant administrator will keep the district cabinet/ multiple district council informed of progress.

Which situations qualify for an emergency grant?

The LCIF emergency grant is available to address immediate needs following a natural disaster, such as flooding, tornado, hurricane, wildfire, monsoon, typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, etc., where more than 100 people have been impacted or displaced. The maximum award is US$10,000. The district governor must apply for the grant within 30 days of the occurrence and provide LCIF with details on the disaster. The Lions must outline a plan of action on how they will use the funds. The grant funds may not be turned over to another relief agency or organization.

Can Lions apply for a matching grant if the project has already started or if the project is finished?

The matching grant program is designed to address projects that are in the developmental (planning) stages. The project that LCIF is being asked to fund should not have commenced. This applies to equipment that is either partially secured or otherwise acquired on loan, through financing, or by deposits made prior to the Board of Trustees rending a decision. Additionally, LCIF does not consider funding projects on a reimbursement basis.

How long do Lions have to collect the local matching funding for matching grant projects?

If the grant is approved, the Lions have 6 months from the date of approval to secure all the required local matching funding.

Can Lions request a major catastrophe grant following a disaster?

MCAT grants may not be requested by Lions at any level. These grants are awarded solely at the discretion of the LCI international president and the LCIF chairperson based on disaster situations where the scale and scope of damages and loss of life is severe and wide-spread.