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A program launched in 2018-2019 to celebrate women’s contributions and promote gender parity within Lions Clubs International. In 2019-2020 the program was expanded under International President Dr. Jung-Yui Choi to include young adults, including Leo Lions, and other underrepresented populations as diverse and sought after New Voices in the association. This initiative is about hearing the story of the unheard, and is a forum for sharing new ideas and learning from one another for the betterment of Lions Clubs International.

New Voices is a diverse group of individuals who are gaining recognition for their dynamic and innovative contributions in one of the four fields: Service, Membership, Leadership and Marketing.

To learn more about the New Voices program and join our monthly webinars please visit

The Women's Initiative

Lions Club International acknowledges that women are an integral part of the Lion’s family. Through this initiative the association seeks to empower female Lions, increase their membership numbers to promote gender parity, and get them more involved at all levels of the association, including leadership. 

Lions Women’s Symposiums

(Formerly known as the Lions Family and Women Symposium Program) The Lions Women’s Symposiums offer Lions the opportunity to identify new potential members and community projects that are of interest to women. The Symposiums provide an opportunity to promote Lions clubs and service projects of interest to women within your community, as well as information and resources for chartering a new club or club branch with the goal of developing new community projects.

Lions Clubs International offers grants of up to $2,000 per symposium ($8,000 per Constitutional Area and Africa). For planning assistance and grant application, please see the Lions Women’s Symposium Planning Guide.

Lions Women’s Workshops

(Formerly known as the Lions Regional Women’s Workshop) These workshops explore factors surrounding the recruitment and retention of women in specific parts of the world. By offering Lions the opportunity to devise strategies to increase the number of women in membership and leadership, the workshops can provide Lions with a clear action plan for their region.

Lions Clubs International offers grants of up to $2,000 per workshop ($8,000 per Constitutional Area and Africa).  For planning assistance and grant application, please see the Lions Women’s Workshop Planning Guide.