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Celebrating LCI Forward

Great things don’t just happen. It takes a bold, forward-thinking vision, innovative planning and decisive execution to achieve larger-than-life goals. As we entered our second century of service, we needed a roadmap to successfully guide us into the future to meet the ever-increasing needs of the world. LCI Forward became that vision.



Watch our special 200M served video to see how your work is changing lives, and changing the world. Celebrate with us, and make sure you share the video on social media so your community can join the celebration too.






Serving More People than Ever Before

Launched in 2015, LCI Forward was our five-year strategic plan designed to help Lions and Leos achieve our global vision for a better tomorrow. We set a lofty goal of serving 200 million people per year, and we achieved this incredible milestone in 2019-20 thanks to the dedication of Lions. Check out our special infographic to see some of our service highlights.

Our 4 Focus Areas

We introduced innovative programs and cutting-edge technologies that prepared Lions and Leos all over the world to achieve our LCI Forward goal of serving 200 million people per year.

Here’s how we did it:

Enhanced Service Impact & Focus
The needs of the world have grown. That’s why we focused our efforts on pressing global causes like diabetes. We've innovated how we serve so we can increase our impact, and the support of our foundation, LCIF, is helping us provide more service than ever before.
Reshape Public Opinion & Improve Visibility
Lions are doing more good in more places than any organization on earth. That’s why we’re sharing our life-changing stories to highlight the value of our clubs to communities around the world. When caring men and women see the work we do, we think they’ll want to join us.
Pursue Club, District & Organizational Excellence
We are the largest service club organization in the world for a reason. We are committed to developing great leaders, innovating at every level of Lions, and harnessing technology that will expand and drive our humanitarian service. We’re not satisfied with being the biggest. We want to be the best.
Improve Membership Value & Reach New Markets
We put service and satisfaction at the center of the membership experience. That’s because we want to do more than just support the next great generation of volunteers. We want to inspire them. And we do that by providing a world-class membership experience that meets the diverse needs of our…

We Achieved Great Things Together

We set out to position Lions Clubs International, LCIF and our clubs for long-term success, and we’ve done it with LCI Forward. Find out what we achieved together in this special celebration publication.