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Lions Share Program

100% of donations made to LCIF are used to support grant programs, allowing Lions to help the world on a larger scale and do more than they could on their own. By becoming a Lions Share supporter, you’ll be helping enhance the service of Lions—like you—everywhere.

About Lions Share

Lions Share is an annual program that recognizes individual donors for three levels of support: US$50, US$100 and US$200. Lions Share donations are MJF-eligible and used to support LCIF humanitarian grant programs.

Clubs are awarded a 100% Member Support banner patch and chevron when every member makes a minimum contribution of US$50. For each subsequent year of 100% Member Support, clubs receive a chevron.

Become a Supporter

Contributions can be made by completing the Melvin Jones Fellowship and mailing it to LCIF. For donors residing outside the U.S. and Canada, a copy of the form and contribution details can be emailed to Donations can also be made online with a credit card. For details on the Lions Share program and support when contributions are for multiple donors, please refer to the LS Instructions and Guidelines. For more information on the Lions Share program, contact Donor Services at +1 630-203-3836.

*Donor names are required for proper recording of MJF credits.