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Five Tips for Serving Safely in Your Community

Lions Clubs International March 31, 2020

The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may be changing the way we live, but it hasn’t changed who we are. We are Lions and We Serve. But during this global health crisis, it’s important to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy. And Lions around the world have found new and creative ways to do both.

Your club may have already developed a safe strategy to lead a community response to COVID-19, but if you’re still looking for new ways to serve, consider these five tips for serving safely that Lions clubs around the world have put into action.

Keep in touch
Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. Catch up with family, friends, neighbors and fellow Lions by phone or email and see how they’re doing. There are also many people in your community, such as the elderly, who may not have as many opportunities to communicate with family and friends. Consider recruiting your club into a phone tree to reach out and have a conversation with someone who would enjoy talking to a caring, friendly person.

Lions Serving Safely in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland
Asbjorn Lions Club gave a gift of tablet computers and headsets to a home for the elderly that has brought many grandparents face-to-face with their grandchildren. We’re all in this together, and your kind words will offer a lot of comfort during these challenging times.

Get social
There’s a reason why social media has become such an essential part of how we communicate. That’s because it’s so effective. Spread hope by sharing stories about how your club is helping your community during this crisis. By posting information, updates and safety tips, you can start a conversation online and transform your club’s social media network into a communications hub for your community.

Lions Serving Safely in Sandwell, England
Sandwell Lions Club is keeping children entertained and giving relief to frazzled parents with their daily Sandwell Lions Storytime on Facebook. Lions have so much to offer and social media can help you put their many talents to good use.

Fight hunger
It’s important to make sure that we do our part to meet the needs of our community. And fighting food insecurity is a great way to provide comfort to those in need without having to leave your home. As Lion John O’Brien of the Channahon Lions Club put it, “Hunger doesn’t know that it’s supposed to be on lockdown.” Your club can support your local food bank or homeless shelter through fundraising or even by ordering a care package of other essentials like toilet paper, toothpaste and clothing.

Lions Serving Safely in Channahon, Illinois, US
Channahon Lions Club is supporting their local food bank to ensure that the people in their community can get the essentials they are looking for. When you make sure that your neighbors have what they need at home, you help them to limit their exposure and ensure that we can all get through this together.

Give the gift of safety
As you serve during this crisis, your personal safety is the most important thing to remember. And due to a shortage of cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves, this is  becoming even more challenging. While many Lions have come together to form mask-making groups and have generously shared their cleaning supplies, it’s essential that you make sure to take care of yourself.

Lions Serving Safely in Johannesburg, South Africa
Kensington Lions Club have taken a special interest in those with essential duties that keep them outdoors. They have been packaging and distributing antiviral soaps to help these workers stay virus-free and healthy. Remember to serve safely. You too are a part of the community you’re serving.

Find a partner in service
Your community is full of experienced professionals and organizations that are also doing their part. And many of them need help. Whether it’s supporting hotlines or providing translation services, you and your club have the skills they need to strengthen your community’s response to COVID-19—without having to leave home.

Lions Serving Safely in Nova Scotia, Canada
Bridgewater and Area Lions Club has partnered with its chamber of commerce, business leaders and a COVID-19 response group to identify and aid those in need within their community. The relationships you form can help you continue to improve the future of your communities.

In a time when people are depending on you more than ever, we are depending on you to take every precaution to serve safely. That’s the only way we can get through this together.

Let us know how you’re serving safely. Post your stories on social media using the hashtag #WeServe, and inspire other Lions around the world to do what they can to help their communities. Because we are all in this together.