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Canadian Youth Prepare to Succeed in School and Life

Caryn Lerner February 26, 2021

In an ongoing blog series, we’re highlighting Lions Clubs International Foundation’s support of worldwide efforts to help youth navigate challenges in school and develop life skills through the Foundation’s Lions Quest program, a global leader in social and emotional learning.

Through Lions Quest, LCIF and Lions build healthier societies.

Navigating childhood isn’t easy. As youngsters develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually – and face challenges at home, in school, and from peers – they can become overwhelmed. Fortunately, there’s help. Fortunately, there’s Lions Quest, the signature social and emotional learning (SEL) program from Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), and Manitoba, Canada, Lions building awareness of it.

“SEL programs help promote positive youth development and build skills for success in life,” said Gwen Argue, Lions Quest chairperson in the area, who with a US$15,000 Community Partnership grant from LCIF led a multi-phase project to broadly share Lions Quest benefits with educators, students, and community members in Manitoba. “Children are our future. We must prepare them for success in school and to make their way in the world.”

During one phase of the project, Lions Quest-certified trainers delivered an impactful Lions Quest workshop in a province-wide professional development day for K-12 educators. Representatives from local police services and Brandon University also attended. “LCIF expands our ability to help communities cultivate young people adept at managing emotions, achieving goals, and building important relationships,” said Argue. “Through Lions Quest, LCIF and Lions are building healthier societies.”

Growing up can be hard
During what should be carefree years, many youth face daunting challenges. Consider these stark realities in Canada:

  • Of six concerns, cyberbullying was ranked number one by 89 percent of teachers.
  • Fifty-seven percent of 15- to 19-year-olds use alcohol.
  • Violence and school
    • Forty-one percent of boys have been physically assaulted at high school.
    • Twenty-six percent of girls have experienced unwanted sexual contact at school.
    • Twenty-five percent of students have been sexually harassed/assaulted by Grade 7.

But there is hope for youth everywhere:

LCIF and Lions: funding service, delivering solutions
Youth worldwide benefit from SEL programs like Lions Quest. To date, more than 19 million students and 760,000 educators in over 100 countries and geographic areas have taken advantage of Lions Quest age-targeted programming. LCIF proudly continues its more than 35-year commitment to our world’s youth through:

  • Lions Quest Program grants: Develop/expand the program; up to US$150,000
  • Lions Quest Community Partnership grants: Launch/reactivate the program; up to US$150,000
  • Lions Quest Promotional grants: Introduce the program to a community; up to US$1,500
  • District and Club Community Impact grants: Apply to local district and club projects; grant amount varies

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Forging better futures
LCIF is the grant-making body empowering Lions to create greater impact in their communities and around the world. One hundred percent of every donation supports Lions service through LCIF grants and programs.

Youth is just one cause area supported by LCIF and Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service. With financial support from Lions, Lions clubs, and friends of LCIF worldwide, Campaign 100 is empowering Lions to increase their service impact in vision, youth, disaster relief, and humanitarian efforts; fight the global epidemic of diabetes; and make important progress in expanded cause areas of childhood cancer, hunger, and the environment.

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Caryn Lerner is senior communications specialist for Lions Clubs International Foundation.

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