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To Be or Not to Be? That is the Model Club Question!

Caryn Lerner September 23, 2019

To be or not to be a Model Club? That is the question. The answer? A resounding “Be a Model Club!”

If you’re ready to help your club become a Leader among Leaders, read on to learn why being a Campaign 100 Model Club is the answer.

We’ve pulled together five must-knows about Model Clubs. Not familiar with them yet? This post shares the details, and shows you how one club now “thinks big” because of its Model Club efforts.


Being a Model Club helped us think big.

What to do next? Explore more in our Model Clubs Frequently Asked Questions. Or commit to being a Model Club now!

#1: A Model Club is a leader among clubs, whose members:

  • Champion all Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) cause areas, which address a world in need.
  • Broadly and proudly promote the impact of Lions, LCIF and Campaign 100.
  • Collectively (and often individually) support LCIF and the campaign financially. Donating is easy!

#2: Through awareness-building and fundraising efforts, Model Clubs vastly expand all Lions’ capacity to bring about much-needed change in the world. For this, clubs are recognized for each Per-Member-Average (PMA) milestone reached. Here’s how:

Model Clubs charts

#3: Funds raised from an average-size Model Club can make big impacts, helping to:

  • Provide 300 sight-restoring cataract surgeries
  • Deliver Lions Quest curriculum to 1,500 classrooms for an entire year
  • Provide immediate relief for 600 people in the wake of a natural disaster
  • Vaccinate 15,000 children against measles
  • Screen 2,700 people at risk for diabetes
  • Purchase equipment to help 1,200 children suffering from cancer
  • Provide food for 2,100 hungry people
  • Give 2,100 people access to life-sustaining clean water

Not many charitable organizations can say they’ve earned eight consecutive 4-Star Charity Navigator ratings illustrating their efficiency, transparency and accountability. LCIF can! All donations to LCIF (whether from Model Clubs, individual Lions or partners who know we’re mission-driven, fiscally responsible, and humanity-focused) directly support life-altering service projects with such impacts.

#4: Financial goals for Model Clubs vary because Lions clubs vary in size. What doesn’t change is that each Model Club strives toward a minimum club contribution to LCIF calculated like this:

[Number of Club Members] x US$500 = Model Club Minimum Financial Goal in US$

DO THE MATH: A club with 30 members strives to collectively raise US$15,000 (30 x US$500 = US$15,000). The figure doubles to US$30,000 for a club with 60 members.

#5: There’s plenty of time for Model Clubs to raise funds for our foundation! Keep these things in mind as you and your club members discuss whether to become a Campaign 100 Model Club or strive to become a higher level Model Club:

  • Clubs have until 30 June 2023 to raise and donate funds to LCIF. After all, it takes time to arrange a club fundraiser, build relations, and get those in your networks to understand the world of good Lions, LCIF and Campaign 100 create.
  • Many clubs are already on their way to achieving Model Club status. All funds donated directly to LCIF from declared Model Clubs since 1 July 2017 count toward the minimum Model Club financial goal. Is your club ready to declare your Model Club intent?
  • Lions are some of the most resourceful and tenacious people in the world.

There’s a saying in the English language — “strength in numbers” — meaning together, a group can accomplish far more than an individual can alone. You can do this — together!

Returning the Favor… One Model Club’s Story
“Being a Model Club helped us think big,” said Past District Governor Pramod Chandak, a long-standing member of Lions Clubs of Calcutta Greater, a five-time recipient of LCIF grants totaling hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars.

Clubs and Lions in the district have made a life-altering difference for local children through their Vidya Mandir school project. “As part of our Model Club work, we helped raise US$1,500,000 from friends and members. The school is the toast of the district, with 2,500 students and plans to expand because of never-ending demand. Being a Model Club provided the opportunity to return the favor of support LCIF has shown us so many times. At the same time, funds raised by being a Model Club mean we’re helping enable Lions worldwide to do other important projects.”

Email to connect with an LCIF Development specialist who can help you learn more about Model Clubs. Already a Model Club? Share your story.  

Caryn Lerner is senior content specialist for Lions Clubs International Foundation.