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Host Your Own LCIF Facebook Fundraiser

Bill Hatzos and Caryn Lerner October 09, 2019

If you’re reading this, you likely are a Lion, know a Lion or simply understand that Lions create positive change in communities worldwide. Here’s what you may not know:

  • 1.4 million-plus Lions globally carry out much of their service through grant funding from their foundation, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF).
  • LCIF recently launched its own Facebook page. Like it. Learn from it. Share it!
  • Creating your own Facebook fundraiser for LCIF is quick and easy.

In just three easy steps, and perhaps less time than it takes to read this blog, you can begin raising funds that help Lions create even more change.

Why create a Facebook fundraiser? It’s a great way to celebrate a birthday (or anything!), honor a family member, and commemorate Lions Founder Melvin Jones — whose humanitarian spirit lives on through the world’s largest service organization — and increase donations to LCIF! By inviting Facebook friends to support your fundraiser, you’ll raise awareness of the difference Lions and LCIF make while raising money to support Lions’ ongoing efforts to positively impact our world in need one community at a time.


3 Quick Steps, a World of Good
In just three easy steps, and perhaps less time than it takes to read this blog, you can begin raising funds that help Lions create even more change as they:

  • Increase their service impact in vision, youth, disaster relief and humanitarian causes
  • Fight the global epidemic of diabetes
  • Expand their global causes and efforts in the areas of childhood cancer, hunger and the environment

To get started, log in to your own Facebook account and then search for LCIF’s Facebook page. Once there, click Fundraisers on the left menu.

Fundraiser Menu

Then, click +Raise Money.

Raise money

Step 1: complete the basics
After clicking on Fundraisers, a form with four fields appears. Complete all four. When asked Who are you raising money for?, search for and select Lions Clubs International Foundation (if the field isn’t already populated for you). Complete (or adjust prepopulated content in) the remaining three fields. Then click Next.

Then Click Next

Step 2: tell your story
Fill in the title of your Facebook fundraiser and tell why you’re raising money. Good news…this information may be filled in already, but you can change it to be more personal if you like. Then click Next.

Tell Your Story

Step 3: choose a photo
Use the scroll bar on the right side of the box that appears to find suggested photos, and click on one you like. Hit Create, and your LCIF Facebook fundraiser will be visible to your Facebook network!

Pick a cover


5 tips to make your Facebook fundraiser a success
#1 Encourage Facebook friends to share your fundraiser on their Facebook pages. The more who know about it, the more the story of why you support LCIF will be shared!
#2 Offer to match donations, and see if your employer has a matching program.
#3 “Like” and comment as donations come in.
#4 Thank your supporters when they donate and once again at the end of your fundraiser.
#5 Share your fundraising and other LCIF impact stories.

Lion Bradley

A different approach to service
Lions are there where and when it matters — a solid approach to service since 1917. It’s comforting to know Lions are there. It’s also great to know people like Lion Bradley are embracing an additional approach to service — harnessing the power of social media to raise funds for LCIF that ultimately empower Lions hands-on service.  

Email to connect with an LCIF Development specialist who can help you learn more about Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service, a capital campaign helping Lions improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people globally, and about creating your Facebook fundraiser.

Bill Hatzos is senior marketing specialist for Lions Clubs International Foundation; Caryn Lerner is senior content specialist for Lions Clubs International Foundation.