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5 Ways to Celebrate April Leo Awareness Month

Melissa Nadeau March 23, 2021
April Leo Awareness Month Promotion Graphic

April is Leo Club Awareness Month! This is the time that Leos and Lions around the world share the great work of the Leo Club Program. Follow this checklist to promote and celebrate Leo clubs.

  1. Share Leo Stories on Your Social Media - Posting on your and your club’s social media pages will increase the visibility of Leos’ work to your network and to the community. Lions clubs has brand new online templates that you can use to personalize and design Leo Facebook covers, Instagram stories and social media posts. The templates are hosted on Canva, and include informational facts about Leos. Or you can insert your own Leo club’s picture and information. Check them out and start posting today!

  2. Attend Online Leo Training Webinars - Leos are a global community, and learning about other Leos will help you become motivated to serve your community in new ways. There are a number of Lions International-sponsored Leo training webinars being held throughout April that you will find by visiting the Leo Club Program Facebook page and Lions Virtual Events page.

    On April 17, the Leo Advisory Panel will be hosting its annual Leo Advisory Panel Symposium with topics such as how to improve recruitment, the membership experience and continue the service journey to Lions. The webinar will be held in English. Everyone is welcome to attend so register now!

    You can also reach out to your district and plan your own online or in-person Leo training seminar. Be the Leo expert and teach others the skills you’ve learned in your Leo club.

    The 2020 – 2021 Leo Advisory Panelist invitation to join their symposium, April 17th.

  3. Host a New Member Induction Ceremony on #WorldWideInductionDay - The last Saturday in April is Lions Worldwide Induction Day. We encourage you to invite all of your new members in April so they can formally be welcomed into your club (either in-person or virtually) on April 24. Visit the Worldwide Induction webpage to see the new Leo New Member Installation script and watch a video from International President Choi.

  4. Do a Service Project - Nothing means more to Leos than helping their communities. Following local guidelines, plan a service project, either in person or virtually, to give back to your community in April. Consider partnering with your local Lions club to earn the Serving Together Banner Patch. Or think bigger and apply for an LCIF Leo Service Grant for a future service project with even bigger impact.


    Leos and Lions from District 306 C2 host a Leo awards ceremony.

  5. Recognize Leo Members for Their Hard Work – Leos are all about service, but let’s not forget to recognize those who have gone above and beyond. In December, Leos and Lions in District 306 C2, Sri Lanka, hosted an awards ceremony to recognize the best projects and most outstanding Leos in their district. If you’d like to host your own awards ceremony in your club or district, you can create your certificates or purchase and personalize the Leo Certificate of Recognition from the Lions Club Supplies store.

Follow the Leo Club Facebook page for Leo tips and stories all year round!

Lion Melissa Nadeau is the senior youth programs specialist at Lions Clubs International and 2020-2021 vice president of the Chicago Windy City Lions Club.

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