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Leos Are Serving in Innovative Ways During COVID-19

Melissa Nadeau September 24, 2020

Leos around the world have stepped up during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to continue to serve their communities in innovative ways. If you’re looking for new ideas and inspiration on how you can serve safely, check out their stories below.

Leos around the world have stepped up during the coronavirus pandemic to continue to serve their communities in innovative ways.

Online Fundraising Concerts –Turkey
In April, the 13 Leo Clubs of Multiple District 118Y in Turkey organized a virtual concert to raise money for supply packages for their community members. The online concert was called “Muzik Kutusu” or Juke Box, and the Leos sold concert tickets, earning their fundraising money through ticket sales. They contacted three Turkish artists who volunteered their time and reached out to their local government officials who put them in touch with a food supplier as their beneficiary. 

With the theme of “Music is the Food of Solidarity,” the concert raised 48,008 Turkish dollars (US$6,522), which funded 727 supply packages to 2,908 people in need. This virtual event is a creative fundraising idea for Leos who know musicians or have special talents to put on their own online show.

100 Push Up Challenge – Zimbabwe
For the past three years, the Greater Harare Leo club in Zimbabwe has held an annual fundraising event to support a local student in need to cover her school fees and books. With social distancing restrictions, this year they got creative and challenged members of their club and community to a virtual push-ups challenge. The challenge was to do 100 push ups (or squats for those who couldn’t do push ups), which was equivalent to 100 Zimbabwean dollars.

one male Leo-Lion standing for the push up challenge

For every push up or squat they failed to do in one sitting, they’d have to pay the remaining amount of money. If the participant was only able to do 10 push ups in a row, they’d have to pay 90, so the participants were encouraged to show off their fitness skills for the challenge. In total, they had 30 people send in videos who were Leos, Leo-Lions and friends of the community, and raised 11,530 ZWL (US$35.80) for the student’s school fees and supplies. This is a great idea for clubs looking to increase their members’ physical activity as well as raise money. 

screenshot of Leos hosting their online Zoom call drawing class

Drawing Workshops – India
With many classes moving online because of social distancing, the Leos of Dsacted Beach Leo Club and Leo Club of Juhu from India decided to utilize their own skills and host a drawing class as a club fundraising event. They held a three-day drawing workshop on Zoom to teach the basics of drawing mandalas, with members from the clubs taking turns guiding participants on how to draw basic, bookmark and character mandalas. The workshops were attended by more than 60 people and raised 11,350 Indian rupees (US$153.85) for different hunger organizations in their communities. For Leos with artistic talent, this is a great opportunity to lead your own class. 

Food Drives – Australia
Due to social distancing guidelines, the Cathedral School Leo Club of Australia had to get creative in marketing their food drive at their school. With no assemblies or group meetings allowed to promote the drive, the Leos shifted all their promotion online, posting notices on their school messaging board to reach students and on the school’s Facebook page to reach parents.

three female Leos and one Leo advisor with boxes of food donations

They also placed collection boxes in the school’s reception area and library for people to drop off donations so that students could see the progress being made as well as drop off their own donations when they could. In total, they collected 28 boxes of food items, which were then donated to the Ronald McDonald House and the Townsville Drop In Center. For Leos wondering how to promote events, online platforms will help you tap into your community.

We’re looking for more stories from Leos about how they’ve adapted their service, stayed connected and offered hope to their community during the global pandemic through our 2020 Leo Video Contest #HopeConnects. If you have a story to tell, submit a video by November 1, 2020. 

Melissa Nadeau is the senior youth program specialist at Lions Clubs International.