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23 Environmental Service Project Ideas

Jacqui MacKenzie 01. März 2021

Our environment is more than a background: it’s our home. Lions and Leos are committed to caring for it. Here are some environmental service project ideas* that you and your club can do to help sustainably protect and restore our environment and improve the well-being of all communities.

Beginner Environmental Projects Ideas

  • Plant trees. Consult your local environment authorities to determine the type and number of trees needed, as well as the location for planting. Download our Tree Planting Project Planner.
  • Meet on a monthly basis and clean up a beach, community space or roadside area as a club.* Video: Keeping Greenland Clean
  • Hold an environment-themed photo contest at a local school. Reward the winner with a tree planted in their honor or another green form of recognition.
  • Challenge all Lions in your club or district to add at least one green habit to their daily lives. Inspire others by sharing your actions on social media. Habits might include:
    • Using a reusable water bottle or coffee mug rather than disposable products.
    • Changing to energy-saving lightbulbs.
    • Setting a time limit for your shower to reduce water consumption.
  • Develop a Green Living Tip Sheet and share it electronically with members of your community or network.
  • Recognize a local organization or community leader for their efforts in environmental conservation.
  • Volunteer with your local park service to maintain trails. You will help more people access and enjoy nature! Blog: Jarvis Lions Walking Trail
  • Commit to “Meatless Mondays”, or to not eating meat one day each week.
  • Collect used cellphones and donate them to individuals in need.

Intermediate Environmental Projects Ideas

  • Lead an after-school nature walk* for young students. Encourage them to make observations and ask questions, then have them draw a picture of their experience afterwards. LION Magazine: Outdoor Learning with Tucson Lions
  • Host a virtual watch party of an environmental film or documentary.
  • Work with city officials to paint “no dumping” signs near road drainage areas.
  • Identify where to recycle toxic items and share/advertise its schedule of collection campaigns.
  • Organize an environmental mural competition. Paint the winner’s artwork in an appropriate area to beautify your community and promote environmental awareness. LION Magazine: Mural Increases Visibility of Lions
  • Host a community recycling drive where people donate gently used items or trash to support local charity organizations. LION Magazine: Cans for Kids with Cancer
  • Organize a Lunch and Learn meeting* with students at your school. Afterward, teach them how to sort their recyclables and trash.

Advanced Environmental Projects Ideas

  • Develop a demonstration garden or landscaping plot using native plant species to encourage restoration of the local natural habitat and water conservation.
  • Sponsor a training program for small farmers on how to make and use organic fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Produce a monthly nature program on the local public radio station. Feature environmental topics of interest, interview environmental activists in your community and promote Lions environmental projects.
  • Host a public debate* on controversial environmental issues in your community. Share the results with government officials.
  • Partner with a local carpenter (or DIY tutorial) to build a rain barrel. Then, hold a training with community members to promote using barrels for watering and irrigation. Video: Rain Barrels Conserve Water
  • Organize an alternative transportation incentive program in your community to encourage walking, biking, public transportation and carpooling.
  • Work with local schools to develop school gardens and composting programs to improve the quality of school meals and reduce waste. Videos: Lions Build School Gardens in Uruguay and Montana

Download Service Project Ideas List: Environment

Learn more about the Lions Global Cause: Environment

*Serve safely. Adhere to local COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, wear a mask and organize virtual gatherings and trainings where possible.

Jacqui MacKenzie is the social media and community manager for Lions Clubs International.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted communities around the world in different ways. To ensure we’re serving safely wherever we live, Lions should follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization or local health authorities. Visit our Serving Safely page for resources that can help you safely serve your community.