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SightFirst Grants

SightFirst grants can help a child see the world for the first time. They can protect a village from a debilitating eye disease, or intervene before someone goes blind due to diabetic eye disease. They can upgrade hospitals and clinics in underserved communities by training doctors and nurses, distributing medicine and raising awareness around the world.


About SightFirst Grants  

SightFirst supports high-quality, cost-effective, equitable, and sustainable eye care projects that focus on infrastructure development, human resource training, eye care service delivery and eye health education. 

Applications for SightFirst grants are due no later than 90 days prior to the start of the SightFirst Advisory Committee meetings, which take place in January and August. Click here to view the next application deadline. 

Regional SightFirst Technical Advisors should be consulted throughout the entire application process. Click here to view contact information for a SightFirst Technical Advisor in your area or contact


SightFirst Comprehensive Eye Care Grants

The mission of the SightFirst Grant program is to develop or improve comprehensive eye care systems to fight blindness and vision loss and to assist people who are blind and visually impaired in underserved communities.

SightFirst Research Grants 

SightFirst Research Grants provide funds to support public health research initiatives that evaluate and directly influence the operation of the SightFirst program. 

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