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Service Reporting

To effectively tell our story, measure our impact and grow membership, it’s critical that all clubs report service. Every project we participate in as Lions and Leos, no matter how big or small, is valuable in our journey of serving our communities and the world. 



For our clubs, reporting service is the final step in our service journey. Reporting service can be a point of pride that can be celebrated and creates a database of the great projects done in a given community. Plus, clubs that report service become eligible for service awards and other forms of recognition. 

Reporting Service Helps:

  • Accurately measure our global impact
  • Identify the best ways to work together
  • Bring attention to the great work of Lions
  • Ensure clubs’ service is supported in the best ways possible 

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Together you serve hundreds of millions of people each year! 


In 2015, Lions set an ambitious goal: to increase our service impact to serve over 200 million people each year. In 2020, we achieved that goal, but we didn’t stop there! Log in to your Lion Account and click on Insights to see how many people we’ve served so far this year.

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Reporting service projects can be done in a handful of steps in MyLion®. You can quickly set up an account and use the featured resources to help you every step of the way.  

Find helpful MyLion service reporting videos on Vimeo.

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