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Reading Action Program Ideas and Resources

Whether you are an educator with a passion to help a child learn how to read, an entrepreneur ready to help develop a community-based literacy program, an information technology expert who can help introduce new technology to the visually impaired, or someone who simply enjoys reading to a child, no effort is too small to make a big difference.

Project Ideas

The following are a few project ideas that members of your club and district may consider taking on:


Use the resources below to plan and promote your reading action projects.

  • Call to Action Flyer: Get an overview of the Reading Action Program.
  • Project Idea Sheet: Refer to this sheet to get ideas for a possible project.
  • Planning Guide: Use this step-by-step approach to organize your project.
  • Press Release: Send a press release to local media to help publicize your project.
  • MyLCI: Use the online service activity report to share what your clubs is doing as part of the Reading Action Program.
  • Artwork: Download artwork to print your very own bookmarks.
  • Diploma: Recognize Lions who serve through the Reading Action Program; or recognize members of the public that have benefitted through the program.
  • Webinars: Access recorded webinars featuring LCI partners and more ideas.

Reading Action Program Webinar

This 2014 webinar shares ideas, stories, and best practices on developing education and literacy service projects.

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Participant Workbook
Frequently Asked Questions

Building Local Partnerships

Working in collaboration with other organizations is a great way to make the most of existing resources and gain new insights and expertise to have a long-lasting impact in your community. Lions Clubs International encourages members and clubs to reach out to local chapters of the following organizations to develop Reading Action Program projects:

For nearly 100 years, Lions have greatly contributed to preventing blindness, restoring eyesight, and improving eye care for hundreds of millions of people worldwide.  The Reading Action Program allows Lions to provide additional assistance to individuals with visual impairments, particularly by focusing on Braille literacy and access to assistive technology.  The following organizations offer many opportunities for Lions to get involved:

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