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LION Magazine Submission Guidelines

LION Magazine is dedicated to promoting the "We Serve" philosophy that Lions around the world demonstrate every day. Because we rely on your club to keep us informed of your club's service activities, the following guidelines are intended to help you prepare materials for submission to the magazine.

First, we ask you to understand that we cannot publish all the articles and photos we receive. We receive hundreds of submissions each month from clubs all over the world – we simply don't have space to print everything. However, the more thoroughly prepared and thoughtfully illustrated your article is, the better the chance it will be selected for publication.

What We Want

We're looking for articles, preferably accompanied by photos, which explain in detail the successful completion of a service project or fundraising activity. Because a story must be of interest to the majority of the magazine's readers, we don't publish accounts of a club's social activities such as anniversary or charter celebrations. Our editorial staff will be happy to write the article, if you send us complete information.

The length of your story isn't important as long as you cover all the basic facts:

  • What the project was all about
  • Who was involved
  • When and where it took place
  • How it happened
  • How much money was raised

By describing how your club has helped people, you will aid the magazine in meeting its primary goal – to help stimulate other clubs to perform humanitarian services.

Copies of local newspaper articles about your club's service activities are excellent means of providing information. However, we accept clippings only if they accompany your account of the project and enhance or expand on the basic information you have provided. If the editor of the newspaper gives permission to let us reprint a photo depicting a club activity, we would be pleased to consider it.

What Makes a Good Photograph

Generally, a story becomes much more interesting when it's accompanied by good photographs, as candid as possible. Assign a club member who is handy with a camera to take a few candid shots of Lions in action – conducting an eye screening, helping a disabled child, distributing food baskets or participating in other community service activities.

Simplicity is the key to good photos. Focus on what's happening and get close to the action. A picture of a row of people staring at the camera is dull – even when they're holding an oversized check. If your club has donated funds to an individual or organization, try to photograph how that money will be used, not the check presentation. We'd much rather see someone using the new equipment your club helped purchase than people shaking hands.

How We Want It

If at all possible, type your story. Double-space it for readability and proofread it for errors.

Include the mailing address, daytime phone number and/or e-mail address of the person submitting the story. The magazine editor needs a contact person to obtain further information, if necessary. Also, make sure only one person in your club or district is responsible for forwarding your club's story; duplicate submissions are confusing.

Make sure all photos you submit are sharp, clear, glossy color prints. On a separate sheet of paper, clearly describe the action taking place and name the people pictured, indicating left to right. PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE OR WRITE ON PHOTOGRAPHS. Preferably, the caption information should be taped on the back of the photo. Mail all prints flat, protected by cardboard.

LION Magazine also accepts digital photographs sent via e-mail. Because of the high quality necessary for publication, the image must be at least 300 dpi and be saved as a .jpg, .tif or .raw file.

Where to Send a Story

Send all contributions directly to:

LION Magazine
300 W. 22nd Street
Oak Brook, IL 60523-8842

Or, send the materials by e-mail to If sending information by e-mail, be sure to include the state or country name where your club is located.

Please Do

  • Submit detailed descriptions of your club's completed service projects and fundraising activities.
  • Tell us how much money was raised at your fundraiser and for what purpose it is intended.
  • Include candid, clear photographs of Lions participating in the project.
  • Include the name, mailing address, daytime phone number and/or e-mail address of someone we can contact about the material submitted.
  • Be patient. It often takes several months for accepted items to appear in print.

Please Don't

  • Submit news of club anniversaries, charter nights, birthdays of long-time members, weddings, births or other social events.
  • Send posed photos of people staring at the camera.
  • Staple or write on photos, or use an ink pen or marker to write on the back – it smears, often ruining the pictures.
  • Forget to identify people in photos.
  • Print out digital photographs and submit them for publication – e-mail the file instead.
  • Rely on your yearly Activities Report only to publicize your club's activities. Make sure your club news gets the attention it deserves by sending a separate notice and photos directly to THE LION Magazine.

Final Note

Please keep in mind that the magazine has a three-month lead time. In March, for example, we're already working on the June issue. And, because of the quantity of items we receive, it often takes several months for articles we intend to publish to make it into print. So please be patient.

Your club deserves recognition for the good work it performs in your community. Tell us about these activities, and we can tell the world.

Submission Questions

If you have any questions about submitting stories and photographs for publication in LION Magazine, please contact our editorial staff at or 630-468-6798.