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Coordinator Center

As a Multiple District or District Coordinator for Lions Clubs International Foundation, you are a part of a team of 950 Lions volunteers committed to helping strengthen the Foundation. 

Coordinators serve as LCIF ambassadors at all times within your district(s) by carrying out the following responsibilities during a three-year term:  

  • increasing awareness by educating Lions about the mission, achievements and significance of the Foundation;
  • assisting Lions in submitting donations and LCIF recognition applications; and
  • encouraging support of the Foundation through fundraising efforts within your district(s).   

Tools and Resources

To assist you in these efforts, the following tools and resources are available to you:

Calendar — Important events and meetings (worldwide and by constitutional area) for coordinators.

Club Visits — Tools and information to help coordinators make successful visits to Lions clubs.

Forms and Materials — Resources to assist coordinators with promotions and fundraising.

News — The latest news to share with clubs, or share your own news.

Reports — Reports to help coordinators be informed on Lions’ donation status and facilitate fundraising goals.

Additional Resources

Questions about your role as a coordinator? Start by downloading the LCIF Coordinator Responsibilities brochure.

You are part of a large network of Lions leadership, and there are many people available to help you with your duties, including Multiple District Coordinators.

Thank you for your work for Lions and the Foundation. Working together, we can serve more people in need around the world than ever before. Please contact your staff counterpart with any questions about your role as a District or Multiple District. If you want to know who your LCIF District Coordinator is, please e-mail LCIF Development staff.