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Dear Campaign 100 Model Clubs,

Thank you for your outstanding leadership and commitment that made Campaign 100 a success. Throughout the campaign, 5,475 clubs committed to becoming model clubs, which helped LCIF achieve and exceed our US$300 million goal, raising US$325 million!

As a model club, you are a leader among leaders and the example you set built awareness and support of LCIF and this historic campaign. We hope you will continue to share your inspiration for giving. Your story will help motivate others to do the same, creating a ripple effect that brightens our world...Together, we will continue to magnify hope, locally and globally.

By supporting to LCIF’s Empowering Service Fund, you are helping countless people around the world. Don't forget to share your model club story, a story filled with inspiration, impact, and kindness on LCIF's Stories of Pride site.

Let’s build on our model club successes together into the next 100 years, and beyond!

With sincere gratitude,

Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada
Past International President
Campaign 100 Chairperson

J. Frank Moore III
Past International President
Campaign 100 Vice Chairperson

Questions about your model club commitment? Email to connect with an LCIF Development specialist.

LCIF Celebrates Model Clubs


Without the generous donations of model clubs worldwide, LCIF would be unable to provide the incredible level of support that empowers the service of Lions everywhere. LCIF honors, thanks, and recognizes its Model Clubs for investing in a world in need and the future of LCIF.*

*Model clubs listed are those who have made commitments since July 1, 2017. Model clubs are grouped by constitutional area, and listed by recognition level and alphabetical order.

We did it – together!

More than US$300 million raised! Thank you for everything you did to make Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service a huge success. LCIF is making a difference because of your support.

You Can Help, Too!

Giving is, yet, another way to serve. Your decision to donate to LCIF is a decision to help a community in need. We thank you—and so does the world!