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Your LCIF Tell-A-Thon donation will help empower Lions' service today and into the future!

With 100% of donations going towards grants and programs, LCIF empowers the compassionate service of Lions and those who need our help. Although those benefitting from your support may never know of your generosity, Lions Clubs International Foundation and our beneficiaries are grateful for your support.


More than 19 million children worldwide are blind or have visual impairments - 80% of the cases are avoidable. For every US$1, Sight for Kids can reach 4 underserved kids!

With eye health education/training, vision screening, and access to professional eye exams, treatment, including eyeglasses, we are ensuring more children's eye health and opportunities are in focus.


1 What cause would you like to support?

A donation to LCIF's Campaign 100, and all of the causes the foundation supports.

A donation to LCIF's Campaign 100, specifically reserved for disaster relief.

2How much would you like to donate?
Is this a recurring gift?
How much would you like to donate?
Your donation of $XXX will repeat every month on today's date and will continue until you cancel payment. If today’s date does not exist for a given month (for example, the 31st) your donation will repeat on the last day of that month.
Your donation of $XXX will repeat every 3 month on the DDth.

Your next donation will occur on MM-DD-YYYY and will continue each quarter until you cancel payment.
Your donation of $XXX will repeat every year on today's date and will continue until you cancel payment.

Please note your online donation will be processed in U.S. dollars.  
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Is this an anonymous gift?
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I want to support LCIF's humanitarian efforts without receiving any recognition. An acknowledgement letter will be sent to the donor for all gifts.
Is your donation intended as a gift to someone special? LCIF can send a card on your behalf.
You may receive fellowship recognition credit for yourself or choose to recognize someone else. This option may be used for full MJF/PMJF donations or fellowship installments.

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5How would you like to pay?
How would you like to pay?
Empowering Service

Campaign 100

We’re taking our efforts to a whole new level. With our three-year capital campaign, LCIF will raise US$300 million to increase our commitment to communities and the service capacity of Lions. Campaign 100 will support LCIF’s expanded focus areas, and empower Lions as they take on pressing global causes.