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Home Election FAQs During COVID-19

Overview for Districts and Multiple Districts

As global concerns surrounding the Covid-19 virus (“Coronavirus”) remain prevalent throughout the world and local governments continue to monitor the spread of the illness or its variants, many districts and multiple districts may have to consider the health and safety of attendees when determining whether to conduct constitutionally-mandated conventions in person. LCI understands those concerns, and supports the efforts of districts and multiple districts to ensure the safety of our Lions convention attendees and the community at large.

For those Lions Districts (single, sub- and multiple) that are located in countries where government restrictions are limiting the ability of the district to conduct elections, or where public gatherings are being discouraged or prohibited in order to protect the health and safety of citizens and minimize the potential spread of illness, please be advised that alternative methods for conducting the requisite elections are permissible if district conventions cannot be held in-person.

When determining the date of the district’s convention, please be aware of the method in which your convention will be held. Changing the date of the election must be done in a manner that is consistent with the district’s (single, sub- or multiple) Constitution and By Laws. While unforeseen events may result in the need to change the date or location of a convention, districts must consider the impact to the attendees and take all reasonable steps to conduct a free and fair election, without restriction on the number of delegates able to attend the convention.  

Lions Districts (single, sub- and multiple) which are unable to conduct their elections in person due to government restrictions related to the ongoing pandemic are encouraged to conduct their elections through electronic means. We encourage all districts to utilize the services of reputable and independent third-party election vendors so elections will remain free and fair. 

Many of the provisions of your district’s constitution and by-laws must still be applied to conducting elections, including the following:

  1. Issue an Official Call detailing the time, date and location of the convention to all clubs at least sixty (60) days prior to the district convention.
    1. If not being held in person, the official call must indicate
      1. the manner in which voting will be conducted,
      2. when outstanding dues must be paid in order to be entitled to delegates,
      3. when elections will end and ballots must be received (or postmarked if by mail) in order to be considered valid
    2. District must be able to provide evidence sufficiently demonstrating that all Lions Clubs in the district received the necessary information related to the district convention and voting procedures.
  2. Nominating Committee must be named at least sixty (60) days prior to the convening date of the district convention.
    1. Candidates must submit their intention to contest for a respective office, and the nominating committee shall validate candidates as provided in the district’s constitution and by-laws
  3. Credentials Committee must be established
    1. Committee must verify club delegate credentials and ensure that only those clubs entitled to delegates are permitted to vote
    2. Committee must ensure that those clubs eligible for delegates receive formal ballots for voting purposes
  4. Elections Committee
    1. The committee is responsible for establishing the ballot format and other election materials, vote tabulation and resolving all questions concerning the validity of individual ballots. The committee's decision shall be final and binding.
    2. If elections are conducted electronically, the elections committee must be permitted to validate or confirm the final vote tabulation.
  5. Secret ballot must used
    1. The confidentiality of each vote applies whether in-person or electronic.
  6. Attendance requirements
    1. Quorum applies whether in-person or electronic and must be documented based on live attendance.

We strongly recommend that all districts seek to comply strictly with the International Constitution and By-Laws and mandatory provisions of the Standard District Constitution and By-Laws in order to minimize the likelihood of an election complaint being filed.

However, please note that all actions taken in good faith by a respective district in an effort to ensure a free and fair election will be taken into consideration in the event a formal election complaint is filed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Legal Division at

Election FAQs During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt the way we work, live and serve. With the current limitations surrounding meeting in groups, Lions Clubs International has developed these helpful answers to some of your most asked questions regarding holding district conventions and club elections. 

  1. May we change the multiple district or district convention to a later date due to issues regarding COVID 19?  
    Yes. However, the means in which the convention date is changed may not be inconsistent with relevant constitution and by laws. Note the district convention shall be held no less than 30 days prior to the convening date of the international convention, and the multiple district convention be held no less than 15 days prior to the convening date of the international convention.
  2. May the district convention happen after the multiple district convention if need be?
    Yes.  If there are no resolutions approved at a district convention that must also be ratified at the multiple district convention, a district may hold their convention after the multiple district convention.
  3. May we hold our elections electronically? 
    Yes, the International Board of Directors has authorized districts and multiple districts to conduct conventions and/or elections via alternative means, such as mail, email, mobile application or other reasonable method such as utilizing a third-party election vendor to ensure free and fair elections.
  4. Does LCI recommend a particular platform for meetings or elections?
    Given the complexity and variety of requirements, budgets, and platform options available, it is the responsibility of each club, district, and multiple district to determine which platform best suits their needs. We strongly encourage each club, district, and multiple district to thoroughly research and understand their various options and applicable costs.
  5. Are district governors allowed to extend their terms for another year?
    No. The International Constitution prohibits a district governor from succeeding themselves in office. The mandatory provisions of the Standard District Constitution and By-Laws requires districts to elect officers annually, and failure to do so will result in vacancies for the next fiscal year.
  6. If we are unable to hold our convention to elect officers, what happens next?  
    If a district convention is not possible and no elections are held electronically or otherwise prior to 30 days before the convening date of the international convention, an anticipated vacancy will be declared for the district officer positions, and the district governor team will be filled under the proper vacancy filling procedure. Should this occur, the Immediate Past District Governor should contact and instructions for the process on how to fill these vacancies will be sent.
  7. How should “good standing” be determined?
    In determining “good standing” of a Lions club at a district or multiple district convention for purposes of establishing delegate entitlement, those clubs which are not in financial suspension or status quo and have paid all district and multiple district dues should be considered to be in good standing and eligible for delegates.

    For a Lions club to be considered in “good standing” and eligible for delegates during the International Convention, the Lions club must not be in status quo or financial suspension, and must have:
    1. District (Single, Sub-and Multiple) dues and fees paid in full; and
    2. No unpaid balance of International dues and fees greater than U.S.$10; and
    3. No unpaid Lions Clubs International account balance greater than U.S.$50, outstanding ninety (90) days or more.
    Districts and clubs can determine the outstanding amount owed in order to be eligible to vote during district conventions by reviewing the certified delegate list in MyLCI. (See question 13).
  8. When should the results of the district convention be submitted to LCI?
    Within fifteen (15) days after the close of each single and sub-district convention, the cabinet secretary shall transmit one (1) copy of the complete proceedings to the international office.
  9. Club delegate quota for district election:
    Each chartered club in good standing in the association and its district (single, sub- and multiple) shall be entitled in each annual convention of its district (single, sub- and multiple) to one (1) delegate and one (1) alternate for each ten (10) members who have been enrolled for at least one year and a day in the club, or major fraction thereof, of said club as shown by the records of the international office of the first day of the month last preceding that month during which the convention is held, PROVIDED, however, that each such club shall be entitled to at least one (1) delegate and one (1) alternate; and FURTHER PROVIDED, that each district (single, sub- and multiple) may, by express provision in its respective constitution and by-laws, grant full delegate status to each past district governor who is a member of a club in such district independent of the club delegate quotas hereinabove specified. Each certified delegate present in person shall be entitled to cast one (1) vote of his/her choice for each office to be filled by, and one (1) vote of his/her choice on each question submitted to, the respective convention. The major fraction referred to in this Section shall be five (5) or more members. Any club which is newly chartered, and any other chartered club which takes in new members prior to the convening of any such convention, shall have its delegate quota determined on the basis of members who have been enrolled in the club for at least one year and a day as shown on such record date in the records of the international office. Delinquent dues may be paid and good standing acquired up to fifteen (15) days prior to the close of credential 
  10. With reference to the district election, what are the mandatory documents required to be sent to LCI Headquarters?
    • Minutes of the District Convention
    • District Convention Report (DA 20)
    • District Governor Biographical Information Form (DA 904)
    • First Vice District Governor Biographical Information Form (DA 906)
    • Second Vice District Governor Biographical Information Form (DA 907)  
  11. How is the district convention site determined? 
    The location shall be selected by the delegates of the previous annual convention unless a site change is issued in accordance with the District’s Constitution and By Laws. 
  12. Whether district governor can change the convention site?
    A district governor does not have the authority to unilaterally change the site of a district convention. The district cabinet shall retain, and have, the power to change at any time, for good reason, the convention site provided a site change is issued in accordance with the District’s Constitution and By Laws.
  13. Can a district convention be held outside the geographic area of the district? 
    Provided the site is selected in accordance with the district’s constitution and by laws, there is no restriction to holding the location of the district convention outside the geographic area.  
  14. How many days before the convention may the convention site be changed? 
    Notice of any site change shall be furnished in writing to each club in the district at least thirty (30) days prior to the convening date of the annual convention, barring extraordinary circumstances outside the control of the district cabinet.
  15. When will the district receive the certified delegates list?
    The district governor shall enter the convention dates on MyLCI. Once the site is updated, the certified list will be available on or about the first day of the month preceding the month in which the convention is to be held. 
  16. Candidate qualification for the post of district governor, first and second vice district governors.
    Only the current sitting First Vice District Governor may contest for the position of District Governor.

    Only the current sitting Second Vice District Governor may contest for the position of First Vice District Governor. 

    A candidate for the office of second vice district governor shall: 
    1. Be an Active Member in good standing of a chartered Lions club in good standing in his/her single or sub-district.
    2. Secure the endorsement of his/her club or a majority of the clubs in his/ her single or sub-district.
    3. Have served or will have served at the time he/she takes office as second vice district governor:
      1. As president of a Lions club for a full term or major portion thereof, and a member of the board of directors of a Lions club for no less than two (2) additional years; and
      2. As zone chairperson or region chairperson or cabinet secretary and/or treasurer for a full term or major portion thereof.
      3. With none of the above being accomplished concurrently.

Any questions or concerns regarding your district or multiple district conventions should be directed to

Club Elections

  1. If our club cannot meet, how can we conduct our annual election of club officers? 
    Unless prohibited under a club’s constitution and by-laws, the Standard Club By-Laws permits all Lions clubs to conduct meetings via alternative meeting formats. This allows each Lions club to choose a method of conducting elections that is suitable for those members. This can be via phone, teleconferencing platform, email, or any other method that is acceptable to the Lions club members.

For additional questions or concerns regarding your club operations or elections please contact us via email at