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Election FAQs During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt the way we work, live and serve. With the current limitations surrounding meeting in groups, Lions Clubs International has developed these helpful answers to some of your most asked questions regarding holding district conventions and club elections. 

District Conventions

  1. May we change the multiple district or district convention to a later date?  
    Yes.  We ask that reasonable notice be provided through an official call (or an amended official call if notification has already been provided), and that the district convention be held by May 31, 2020 and multiple district convention by June 15, 2020.  
  2. May the district convention happen after the multiple district convention if need be? Yes.  If there are no resolutions approved at a district convention that must also be ratified at the multiple district convention, a district may hold their convention after the multiple district convention.  Again, the district convention must be held by May 31, 2020.
  3. May we hold our elections electronically? 
    Yes, the International Board of Directors has authorized districts and multiple districts to conduct conventions and/or elections via alternative means, such as mail, email, mobile application or other reasonable method. 
  4. If we are unable to hold our convention to elect officers, what happens next?  
    If a convention is not possible and no elections are held electronically or otherwise, then the officer positions would become vacant, and the district governor team will be filled under the proper vacancy filling procedure.  Should this occur, the Immediate Past District Governor should contact and instructions for the process on how to fill these vacancies will be sent.

Any questions or concerns regarding your district or multiple district conventions should be directed to

Club Elections

  1. If our club cannot meet, how can we conduct our annual election of club officers? 
    Unless prohibited under a club’s constitution and by-laws, the Standard Club By-Laws permits all Lions clubs to conduct meetings via alternative meeting formats. This allows each Lions club to choose a method of conducting elections that is suitable for those members. This can be via phone, email, a combination of the two, or any other method that is acceptable to the Lions club members. 

For additional questions or concerns regarding your club operations or elections please contact us via email at