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Make Your Mark

Ian Brown September 17, 2019

In partnership with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), we’re asking Lions to make their mark by organizing a Type 2 diabetes screening in their communities.

A diabetes screening can be the first step to detecting the possibility of diabetes—confirmation that a person has diabetes requires further medical testing.

In partnership with IDF, we’re asking Lions to make their mark by organizing a Type 2 diabetes screening in their communities.

Getting started:

  • Choose a date and location for the screening. Possible locations include schools, libraries, community centers or medical facilities.
  • Arrange for medical equipment, medical personnel and referral services. Partner with healthcare professionals to carry out joint diabetes screening projects, and adhere to the appropriate healthcare laws and regulations when conducting screenings. Many healthcare regulations require blood tests to be conducted by a licensed healthcare professional.
  • Let your community know about the screening by sending out flyers, contacting your local newspaper and posting about the event on Facebook.

On the day of the screening:

  • Keep the screening room clean and organized.
  • Offer free transportation for those who lack access.
  • Assist with record-keeping functions.
  • Provide informational materials to further educate the public on diabetes.
  • Encourage participants to post their “blue thumbs up” on social media using the hashtag #LIONSFIGHTDIABETES

After the screening:

  • Report your event on MyLion so it can be counted toward our goal of screening one million people.
  • Send letters of appreciation to everyone involved, including healthcare professionals, community leaders, medical companies, etc.
  • Contact people in the community who found out they may have diabetes, and provide further information about next steps and local treatment facilities.

Visit the Make Your Mark webpage to learn more on how you can help screen one million people for Type 2 diabetes leading up to World Diabetes Day on November 14.  

Ian Brown is a creative lead at Lions Clubs International.