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LCIF and Model Club Frequently Asked Questions

What is LCIF’s value to me, my club, Lions across the globe, and those in need?

Lions Clubs International Foundation is the primary funding source for Lions’ projects worldwide. Through the more than US$1 billion in grants it has provided since 1968, LCIF has enabled Lions and clubs to exponentially expand their service and carry out more life-altering missions globally.

Recent research reveals fewer than 10% of Lions make direct donations to LCIF. Did you know that in many parts of the world, LCIF provides more in grants than it receives in donations from Lions and clubs there?

What is Campaign 100, and why should my club and I participate in it?

Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service is a comprehensive capital campaign raising money to expand Lions’ ability to help those in need today and for the next 100 years. While the campaign’s financial goal is US$300 million, the ultimate goal is Lions’ ability to serve hundreds of millions of people by:

  • Increasing our impact in visionyouthdisaster relief, and humanitarian efforts.
  • Fighting the global epidemic of diabetes.
  • Expanding efforts in childhood cancerhunger, and the environment.

What is a Campaign 100 Model Club?

A Campaign 100 Model Club is a leader that:

What does it take to become a Model Club?

Being a Model Club takes teamwork, a positive attitude, leadership, and courage, traits that when practiced and honed yield amazing results for LCIF and Lions. If your club members are committed, capable, and courageous leaders with whom you want to collaborate to empower your service, then complete and submit the Campaign 100 Model Club Commitment form. It – along with a brochure dedicated to Campaign 100 Model Clubs and numerous Model Club materials designed to make your team efforts successful – is available on Lions Resource Center.

Why should my club become a Model Club?

100% of donations make a tremendous impact on the lives of those who need help most. Model Clubs help ensure Lions are able to respond to the immense needs of the world, and they prepare Lions Clubs International for a new century of service. Funds raised from an average-size Model Club may make impacts like these:

  • Providing 300 cataract surgeries
  • Vaccinating 15,000 children against measles
  • Providing immediate relief for 600 people in the wake of a natural disaster
  • Providing screenings for 2,700 people at risk for diabetes
  • Purchasing equipment to help 1,200 children with cancer
  • Providing food for 2,100 hungry people
  • Giving 2,100 people access to clean water

Congratulations! Your club has decided to be a Campaign 100 Model Club. What’s ahead?

It’s time to plan and execute strategies for supporting the campaign and LCIF. Here are a few ways Model Clubs and their members can meet, and even exceed, their commitment:

  • Dedicate a fundraiser. Clubs that normally do three fundraisers a year might earmark proceeds from one for LCIF and Campaign 100. TIP: Build a better on-ground or online fundraiser by taking advantage of Lions Clubs International’s step-by-step Fundraising Guide.
  • Make a donation to LCIF from the club treasury. Many clubs donate a portion of their treasury funds each year to local organizations. Model Clubs – in fact all Lions clubs – should consider making LCIF one of those organizations, especially during Campaign 100. BONUS: Districts and clubs donating US$10,000 and US$5,000, respectively, to LCIF in a given Lion year may be eligible to apply for LCIF District and Club Community Impact Grants, which can keep funds local, helping you impact what matters most to you, where it matters most.
  • Educate community members about Lions’ work – past and future – and on how LCIF and Campaign 100 are making it possible for Lions to deliver a better tomorrow to those who need it most. Spread the word at networking events and local meetings; and while with business associates, friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Ask fellow club members to make a donation or to pledge their support

Club leaders are asked to consider these fundraising tactics and others and to use only those methods culturally acceptable for their area.

What’s the financial goal, and deadline to achieve the goal, for Campaign 100 Model Clubs?

Lions clubs vary in size, which is why Model Clubs’ financial goals vary! What doesn’t change is that each Model Club agrees to strive toward a minimum club contribution to LCIF calculated like this:

[Number of Club Members] x [US$500] = Model Club Minimum Financial Goal in US$

EXAMPLE: A club with 30 members has a minimum financial goal of US$15,000 (30 x US$500 = US$15,000)

Clubs have until 30 June 2023 to raise and donate funds to LCIF. Best of all, many clubs are already on their way to achieving Model Club status! All funds donated directly to LCIF from declared Model Clubs since 1 July 2017 count toward the minimum Model Club financial goal!

We’ve heard the term PMA. What does this mean?

Per-Member Average, or PMA, is the US$ amount shown in the formula above and is used to establish Model Clubs’ goals.

IMPORTANT: “Per-member average” is different than “per-member donation.” This is an important distinction. Individual members’ contributions are, of course, one way to help a Model Club achieve its overall fundraising goal, but individual donations are not required. (Recognition for certain programs, such as 100 | 100 Clubs, is earned through per-member donations; recognition for Model Clubs is notFor Model Clubs, each member need not contribute US$500! Rather, a club’s PMA must be a minimum of $500 to achieve Model Club status.

When can a Lions club become a Campaign 100 Model Club?

30 June 2022 is the deadline for a club to commit to being a Model Club. However, the sooner a club becomes a Model Club, the more time it has to raise awareness of LCIF and Campaign 100, and the more months it has to raise funds at a comfortable pace and earn club recognition!

Is there a form clubs must complete to commit to being a Model Club?

Yes. Once club members agree there’s powerful opportunity in being a Model Club, the club president or club LCIF coordinator should complete and return this brief form.

How long do Model Clubs have to raise funds and earn recognition?

It takes time to arrange a club fundraiser, build relations, and educate those in your networks on the world of good Campaign 100 enables Lions to create. That’s why you don’t want to wait until 30 June 2022 to become a Model Club and why clubs have through 30 June 2023 to raise Model Club funds. Remember, all funds contributed from 1 July 2017 - 30 June 2023 count toward Model Club status.

What are the benefits of being a Model Club?

Humanitarians to their core, Lions deliver help and hope to people in their darkest hours. As Campaign 100 fundraising and awareness-building catalysts, Model Clubs exponentially expand all Lions’ ability to serve, and for that, LCIF exponentially rewards clubs donating ever-greater amounts! Here’s how: