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News Release

Media Contact:
Nicole Brown, Communications Manager

Lions, LCIF Providing Relief for China Earthquake

Lions throughout China are mobilizing quickly, with Lions volunteers from at least two districts traveling to the area to provide hands-on support as well as relief supplies to earthquake-affected Qinghai Province. Lions Clubs International Foundation has awarded US$50,000 in emergency grants to assist Lions in their relief efforts.

Lions will travel hours to the affected area, as there are no Lions clubs in the immediate area. More than 400 are dead and 10,000 injured and numerous buildings destroyed following the 6.9 earthquake April 14 in the impoverished mountain area of western China.

The area borders Sichuan Province, which was hard hit by a May 2008 earthquake that killed 70,000 people. Lions from throughout China provided relief for that disaster as well, and LCIF mobilized more than US$3 million to rebuild homes, schools and infrastructure.

Lions Clubs International Foundation awards nearly US$2 million annually in emergency grants, in addition to major catastrophe funding for larger-scale disasters. You can help.

Examples of What Your Donation Can Provide

Water, Food and Clothing:
$25-$50 – Can provide water, food rations, clothing and shoes to keep a family or several individuals fed, protected and sustained for at least one week or more.

First Aid/Medicines:
$100-$250 – Can provide first aid and medical supplies for one shift of emergency first aid for the backlog of injured.

Re-build and Establish Community Infrastructure:
$500-$1,000 – Can help provide a portion of the funds to be used in rebuilding homes. After several weeks, many other relief organizations will finish providing disaster aid and allow locals to do the rest on their own. But not Lions.

To Donate:

Donations from U.S. residents are tax deductible. Donations from residents of other countries are tax deductible as permitted by the individual's country tax laws.


Lions Clubs International Foundation is the charitable arm of Lions Clubs International. Established in 1968, LCIF is committed to providing humanitarian services to those in need, including providing disaster relief, saving sight, supporting youth and combating disability. Each year, LCIF typically awards US$2 million in emergency grant relief funding. Learn more at


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