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Disaster Relief in Joplin
3:00 minutes
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Two months after a tornado destroyed homes and businesses in Joplin, Lions remained committed to helping, by assisting with debris clean-up, purchasing needed grocery and supplies and providing needed school supplies. Download this video from iTunes.

It is exactly two years and three months today that the tornado hit Joplin, Missouri. I am proud to say that Lions are still busy making a difference there. We have raised ALL the funds needed to fully adopt Irving Elementary (K-5) with beautiful trees for the entire grounds. This school is being built where the old hospital stood. I am looking forward to planting those trees for the children. As Governor when this disaster struck I must say it is an incredible feeling to see the hope and building going on after such a tragedy. We do not go away~ WE STAY and make a difference in the world!!! One proud PDG!!!
– Debbie Cantrell – Lebanon, MO
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