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Lions Clubs: One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative Challenge Grant Message
1:19 minutes

LCIF and Lions are collaborating with the Measles Initiative partners to rescue children worldwide from measles. Measles is one of the world's deadliest vaccine preventable diseases: 450 children die each day. For less than US$1 we can vaccinate 1 child.

Lions Quest: A Global Success Story
11:12 minutes

Watch this video and see how students in Italy, Japan, Australia and Tennesee, USA, are benefiting from the successful life skills program Lions Quest.

Expanding Our Efforts: Lions Quest
3:23 minutes

LCIF's successful Lions Quest program is expanding to reach even more children across the world. In 25 years, more than 12 million children have benefited from the positive life skills taught through Lions Quest. Download this video from iTunes.

The Pediatric Cataract Initiative: A Partnership Program of LCIF and Bausch + Lomb Early Vision Institute
2:00 minutes

Video on the Launch Announcement of the Pediatric Cataract Initiative - A partnership program of LCIF and Bausch + Lomb Early Vision Institute - to treat and prevent cataracts in infants and children.

Lions Quest: Skills for Life
13:00 minutes

In this video you will learn the details of Lions Quest’s three core curricula through successful youth development programs from around the world and how to get involved. Available in all of Lions' official languages.
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