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Läs vad andra distrikt och klubbar gör

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Evenemang/Projekt: Lions Training
Evenemang/Projekt: Zone Chair Workshop
Distrikt: 35N
Mål med evenemanget/projektet:
The goal of the Zone Workshop was to train the incoming Zone Chairs to the organization plan of what LCI had laid out for Zones. After months of planning the Workshop took place with the four sessions designed by LCI - Zone Roles, Cross Level Communication, Club Consultant and Goal Setting /Action Planning for Success. With open forum discussions, along with games and activities it provided an atmosphere needed to bringing a bi-cultural diversity of Lions working together in unity.
As a result of a well planned Workshop, the Zone chairs were able to bond together in the theme of the Governor - "Sharing Goodwill Through Service". Not only Goodwill that will start in the hearts of each Zone Chair working together hand in hand at the Workshop, but also in communicating responsibility of what they have learned to their clubs for better Service!

Evenemang/Projekt: Project Leadership
Evenemang/Projekt: Nepal Disaster relief
Distrikt: 323 -B
Mål med evenemanget/projektet:
To help victims of Earthquake disaster in Nepal, Our District 323 B, Gujarat, India immediately launched a mega service project of preparing, dispatching and also distributing 5000 relief kits worth more than US $ 225000 in 8 days' time.
The work was carried out day and night under the Leadership of our PID Pravin Chhajed by Lions, Lionesses & Leos of District 323 B and not only 5000 kits but walkers, wheel chairs etc. also were sent in total 30 trucks. The kit consisted of 47 items of daily need for a family of four . It contained Water bucket , tumbler, four dinner plates, bowls, glasses, spoons, 7kgs. rice, sugar, tea leaves, spices, torch, tooth paste, soaps, Tarpaulin tents, woolen Blankets etc. packed in cartons and delivered by special trucks. Lions of Nepal personally distributed these kits to affected people in different areas. We have uploaded some of the photos depicting work in process. great humanitarian work by Lions of District 323 B!

Evenemang/Projekt: Project Leadership
Evenemang/Projekt: Recuiting new members
Distrikt: 118 Y
Mål med evenemanget/projektet:
As club membership director I aimed to gain 4 new members. This year I joined photography and English courses at Lions 118 Y HQ. My new friends in the courses were very interested of Lions services . I explained lions services and feel of helping needy people and ask them to join us and they accepted to joined army of service like us.
Club organized very nice induction ceremony.

Evenemang/Projekt: Other
Evenemang/Projekt: per i nostri ragazzi
Distrikt: Distretto 108AB - Italy
Mål med evenemanget/projektet:
Ristrutturazione campo di calcio Oratorio Chiesa San Giuseppe - Città Vecchia di Taranto
Progetto : dare ai ragazzi di strada opportunità di giocare su un campo di calcio e tenerli impegnati e fuori dalle tentazioni della strada.
7 aprile - alla presenza di sindaco città di Taranto, Prefetto della provincia di Taranto, autorità Militare, l'Arcivescovo di Taranto ha dato la benedizione alla struttura sportiva. Erano presenti molti soci e presidenti dei clubs services di Taranto.

Evenemang/Projekt: Lions Training
Evenemang/Projekt: Workshop for development of Public Speaking Skills & Image enhancement.
Distrikt: 306 B1
Mål med evenemanget/projektet:
The main purpose of the project was to enhance the Public Speaking skills of individuals and provide them with the necessary self confidence to address & communicate with club, team or zonal members with greater effectiveness.

Further, along with the development of Public Speaking Skills, it was also felt necessary that the enhancing image of the individual was also a much needed factor that went hand in hand with a Lion who was providing leadership to a group what ever the level was. If the individual portrayed a poor image of himself, it would take a greater effort to communicate effectively as the individual initially fails to exude the power of attraction to hold an audience in attention.

Therefore it was felt prudent to have Public Speaking skills & Image of the individual developed as they are interdependent.

The target audience number for the workshop was 20 participants as individual attention was easier with a smaller audience in a workshop of four hours.
The workshop was conducted by the GLT Coordinator District 306 B1 Lion Terence Wijesooriya, a trainer in Accomplished speaking from Toast Masters.

A power point presentation was used for greater advantage to impart the finer skills of Public Speaking to the participants.
All participants were initially asked to make a short self introduction of themselves in front of the audience.
The performance of all participants were evaluated by the other participants including the faculty member. This is a part of adult learning and was an ideal opportunity to improve the speaking skills by overcoming the shortcomings notified to the individual immediately.
The workshop was also a very interactive one that was of immense benefit to the participants to enhance their speaking skills.
The overall end result was that the participants were able to acquire the necessary speaking skills & enhance their level of Public Speaking. At the same time they gathered important tips for image enhancement too

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