Pesquisa de Extensão - Parte I

We appreciate your participation in this survey to enable us to share successful extension techniques with other extension-minded Lions. Please check our Web site at a later date to continue with Part II of the survey.

Rate the following:

I have assisted with the development of the following number of new clubs (select one):
one (1) club
two (2) clubs
three (3) clubs
four (4) clubs
five (5) or more clubs

List the club types have been the focus of your extension efforts (select one)*.
Traditional Lions Club
New Century Lions Club
Campus Lions Club
Lioness/Lions Club
*If you have chartered more than one club type, please complete a separate survey for each club type.

Please provide three reasons important to you for chartering new clubs.
What makes a community a good location for a new club?
What research do you conduct before approaching the community?
Who would you meet with when you first approach a community?
How do you identify prospective members?
Have you had success with a particular profession or organization?
Is there something that you say or do that helps you to recruit charter members?
Have Lions Clubs International publications been useful? Which items (brochures, video)?
Describe your extension team, or do you work solo?
If working as a team, how does the team prepare and train for approaching the new community?
What suggestions do you have to increase the attendance at the first meeting?
How do you successfully promote the new club to its community?
How is the Guiding Lion selected?
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Club Name/Number:

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