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LQ – April 2011
12:56 minutes
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In this edition of LQ, see how Lions are making a global impact by providing relief to disaster-torn areas of Japan and New Zealand; find out how a Lions community store in the United Kingdom offers hope to people seeking a new beginning; watch as Lions in South Dakota transform a former disaster site into a peaceful nature park for the community; learn how a program supported by Lions in Australia and LCIF is helping troubled young people; and see how Lions in Southern California improve the lives of blind and visually impaired.

Watch Individual Segments:
Global Impact
Running Time 2:27
Nature Park
Running Time 2:15
Community Store
Running Time 1:48
Blind Surfing
Running Time 3:10
Tribal Warrior
Running Time 2:12
Hello, I am very interested in finding out how to contact someone about hearing aid assistance...can you please lead me in the right direction? We are in Sacramento in the 95831 zip code...thanks, Jennie Krausse
– jennie krausse – sacramento, ca
I don't know where to begin when it comes to thanking the Lions Members for all their dedicated, long hours, and hard work they put into fundraising for the many people that they help.

In June of 2010 we were sponsored by the Truro and Area, Nova Scotia, Canada Lions Club for $12,000 to receive an Autism Assistance Guide Dog for our 9 yr old daughter! In just 3 short months after receiving our Guide Dog the changes coming around in our daughter were remarkable.

When our daughter was diagnosed with autism our world fell through the earth. She would self-abuse on a regular basis when she was upset. She would totally go into a world of her own if injured, scared, or angry. She had gotten out in the middle of the night in a snow storm and was found 4 hours later very hypothermic only in her Pj's. She would jump out of our car when we would come to a stop sign or traffic lights resulting in one time her being struck by an oncoming car. We had put alarms on anything that would open to the outside world our doors were locked from the inside out and the outside in just to keep her safe.

In just 3 short months after receiving the Guide dog her anxiety levels dropped and there was very little self abuse anymore instead of hurting herself she would seek the love of the dog. She had been on the max. amount of anti-psychotic drugs and sleeping pills at night to keep her in bed where she was safe.. NOW she is on the min. anti-psychotic drugs and NO more sleeping pills the dog sleeps with her and she is no longer getting up in the night. She no longer jumps out the vehicles. We can now go for walks and not have to hold on to the scruff of her neck. She can walk independantly with her guide dog and does not bolt into the road or away from us. We had our first beach trip and camping trip ever as a family without the aide of other adults as she used to run to the water.

The Lions Club has changed our life forever and gave our daughter back her life and ours. We can just be a family once again.

There are NOT ENOUGH words to express our thanks. Only our story that will hopefully touch more Lions out there and that they wll support Guide Dogs as they are Angels in Fur!
– Ann Harrington – Yamouth, Nova Scotia
You've been doing a fantastic job all over the world, keep it up!
– Rasheed akeem – Lagos, Lagos state
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