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LION Magazine - December 2008

Albert BrandelSomething to Sing About

by Albert F. Brandel, President
The International Association of Lions Clubs

Last summer the LION Magazine ran an interesting story about Lions and our fondness for singing. After the story ran, many Lions called international headquarters wanting to buy the Lions songbook. The article did mention an official songbook from 1926 and even pictured it. (The cover of the old songbook was used for the cover of this issue.) But we had to tell callers, sorry, there is no songbook currently available—until now.

We’ve selected some of our most well-known songs for Lions to enjoy in this special holiday issue. We hope it proves to be a real keepsake. Those clubs that enjoy singing now have at their disposal more songs. Those clubs that typically don’t sing much, well, maybe this will spark a new interest in song.

Lions are all about Miracles through Service. We are everyday heroes who improve our communities and help those in need. But the social dimension of being a Lion is also important. We join a club and stick with it because we feel comfortable there. Singing helps bind us together. So we hope this songbook ultimately brings clubs even closer together and enriches your experience of being a Lion.

In closing, Maureen and I extend our best holiday wishes to you and your family during this season of celebrations. May you and your loved ones enjoy good health and inner peace. And thank you for all you do as Lions. You are our everyday heroes.

Albet F. Brandel, President
The International Association of Lions Clubs

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