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Reflections from the Presidents: PIP Prof. Dr. Giuseppi Grimaldi
1:50 minuti

1994-1995 Lions Clubs International President Prof. Dr. Giuseppi Grimalid reflects on joining Lions, an international humanitarian organization.

Specialty Clubs—Overview
2:35 minuti

Learn how groups of people with common interests who want to give something back to their communities are taking the next step and becoming Lions clubs.

Reflections from the Presidents: PIP William L. Biggs
1:33 minuti

1990-1991 Lions Clubs International President William L. Biggs reflects on expansion of clubs into Eastern Europe.

Sutton Racing Lions
2:51 minuti

The Sutton Racing Lions Club in Alaska represents a new generation of clubs, joining racing with community service.

Reflections from the Presidents: PIP Jimmy M. Ross
1:19 minuti

2006-2007 International President Jimmy M. Ross reflects on the life-changing power of giving.

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