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My spouse and I are both Lions, and we both receive an issue of LION Magazine. Can we cancel one?

Instead of canceling a subscription to the magazine, we suggest that you drop off the extra copy at your local public or school library, mail it to a local government leader or place it in a waiting room at your place of business or any other suitable location. This way, non-Lions can access information about the association and its programs.

How many languages is LION Magazine published in?
LION Magazine is published in 22 languages – English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Swedish, Italian, German, Finnish, Flemish-French, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Chinese, Norwegian, Icelandic, Turkish, Greek, Hindi, Polish, Indonesian and Thai. There are 35 editions of the magazine.

When is LION Magazine published?
The headquarters edition of THE LION Magazine is published 11 times annually. July/August is a combined issue.

Can I purchase a subscription if I am a non-Lion?
Yes. The subscription price is US$6/year for those living in North America, US$12/year if mailed outside North America.

If I live in another country, can I still get the North American, English version of LION Magazine?
Yes. You would have to pay the subscription price of US$12.

How can I get an audio version of the headquarters edition of LION Magazine?
Recording for the Blind and Books Aloud both furnish CDs, free-of-charge, to the blind. For more information, contact Recording for the Blind at 423-482-3496 or Books Aloud at 408-808-2613.

How can I get a Braille or large print version of LION Magazine?
At this time we do not have a company to recommend for Braille or large print editions.


2010-11 Merit Award Winner Ye-Eun Park (Korea)

"Dieser Wettbewerb bedeutet mir sehr viel, weil ich fast vergessen hätte, wie wichtig Frieden für mich, meine Familie und meine ganze Umgebung ist. Dank des Wettbewerbs habe ich mir die Zeit genommen, in Ruhe darüber nachzudenken." »

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