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Erfahren Sie, welche Projekte andere Distrikte und Clubs durchführen

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Veranstaltung/Projekt: Lions Training
Name der Veranstaltung/des Projekts: Seminário Região B
Distrikt: LC11
Ziele der Veranstltung/des Projekts:
Incentivar os Leões participantes a se motivarem a participar das atividades do lions considerando a relação de amor que existe na realização de ações junto às pessoas carentes da comunidade.
Beschreibung des Projekts/Ergebnisse:
Todos os clubes da Região B estiveram presentes ao evento.
A palestrante, falando sobre "motivando com amor" elevou o nível de motivação de todos, relembrando o espírito implantado por Melvin Jones.
O entusiasmo ficou evidente em todos os participantes.

Veranstaltung/Projekt: Other
Name der Veranstaltung/des Projekts: GMT GLT Summit
Distrikt: MD1
Ziele der Veranstltung/des Projekts:
The goal of both events was to increase and enhance the communication between and among the GMTs and GLTs in MD1, thereby increasing the knowledge of participants.
Beschreibung des Projekts/Ergebnisse:
A GMT-GLT Summit was conducted in conjunction with two Council meetings during Lions' year 2014-15. These events brought sub-district GLTs and GMTs from MD1 together to review the Council goals, District Leadership Assessments and Plans, LCI opportunities, and enhance communication. Evaluations of both summits indicated attendees felt the time was well spent sharing ideas with both GMTs and GLTs and as separate groups.

Veranstaltung/Projekt: Other
Name der Veranstaltung/des Projekts: Zone meeting
Distrikt: Chongwe
Ziele der Veranstltung/des Projekts:
Zone meeting where clubs were reporting their club community service delivery
Beschreibung des Projekts/Ergebnisse:
Clubs share their projects that impacted positively to the communities

Veranstaltung/Projekt: Other
Name der Veranstaltung/des Projekts: ROOTS....the orientation and reorientation programme.
Distrikt: 323 D 2
Ziele der Veranstltung/des Projekts:
As Zone Chairperson,the idea was to
1) get all old and new members in my zone on a common platform,and motivate them to be involved and active lion members.
2)to achieve networking between members of all clubs in the zone
3)to achieve communication between LEADERSHIP and NEW MEMBERS to inspire and motivate them
Beschreibung des Projekts/Ergebnisse:
all lion members in the zone were invited to attend lectures by faculty comprising of
1)cabinet secretary-basics of lionism.
2)PDG ln.jyoti toshniwal-BBE PROUD TO BE A LION.
3)district governor ln.vikrant jadhav-MY LIONISTIC JOURNEY.

Veranstaltung/Projekt: Lions Training
Name der Veranstaltung/des Projekts: CEP and CGL
Distrikt: 324 B3
Ziele der Veranstltung/des Projekts:
Train the leaders in Certified guiding lion and club excellence process and prepare them as a good facilitators.Workshop was conducted by our multiple GLT Leader PDG LION.Kondaseni Baskar, and PDG.Lion.Er.T.Pandiarajan with practical demonstration for evaluations .Participants are really involved and benefitted by this training.
Beschreibung des Projekts/Ergebnisse:
all the zone chairpersons completed their constituent clubs CEP Registration.

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