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Erfahren Sie, welche Projekte andere Distrikte und Clubs durchführen

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Veranstaltung/Projekt: Other
Name der Veranstaltung/des Projekts: Corporate Quiz Nights
Distrikt: 410A
Ziele der Veranstltung/des Projekts:
We felt holding fundraising events and inviting other Lions clubs, whilst fantastic, wasn't getting our name out to local businesses and companies so they knew what work we do. We wanted to create more awareness about Tokai Lions and the work we do to local businesses, and to find a way for them to regularly donate money to us in a fun way on an ongoing basis.
Beschreibung des Projekts/Ergebnisse:
President Charles Flanagan introduced last year after his inauguration a corporate quiz night - we invited local companies to come and take part, prizes were donated by local businesses/companies. They pay for a table and buy raffle tickets. We have a captive audience on the evening to present whatever particular project we wish to at that time. We have just held the third event, as we keep getting requests to hold another and another. This is now ongoing. Not only has this resulted in huge awareness by companies and people in our area to what Tokai Lions do, but many who have attended have go on to donate funds, items for raffle, items to be distributed to the poorer families in our community. It is an incredible success story. And everyone gets to have a lot of fun. We have raised much needed funds, and the word about the work of Tokai Lions is spreading daily.

Veranstaltung/Projekt: Other
Name der Veranstaltung/des Projekts: Joint Meeting/Talent Show
Distrikt: 23C
Ziele der Veranstltung/des Projekts:
To bring Lions from other clubs together to share ideas and have fun.
Beschreibung des Projekts/Ergebnisse:
The Ledyard Lions of District 23C, Connecticut hosted their third and best-attended joint Lions meeting on Thursday, March 19, 2015. Eighty Lions representing nine Lions clubs cheered on the nine acts of Ledyard Lions’ first annual (we hope) talent show.

On the menu was chili, cornbread, and too many desserts! In order to divide the work, several Lions were given the same recipe for chili and then it was combined, ending with 12 batches. Our former US Navy cook fixed a batch of delicious cornbread – enough to feed 150 people.
We had singers, an amateur stand-up comic, a poem reading, a kazoo “orchestra,” and several skits. Four Lions, three of them blind, performed a skit entitled, “Real Life for the Blind.” These Lions were reenacting real situations that they had encountered with insensitive people. Their skit was followed up by an informative question and answer session.
The first place winner, Maria and Lance Gladue, received a $100 donation to the charity of their choice.

Veranstaltung/Projekt: Other
Name der Veranstaltung/des Projekts: BLOOD COLLECTION/DOANTION
Distrikt: 323 H 2
Ziele der Veranstltung/des Projekts:
Set the target of collection of 1111 Bottles of Blood initially in July 2014. Revised the same to collection of 1711 Bottles of Blood in March 2015.
Beschreibung des Projekts/Ergebnisse:
On 15th March 2015 successfully achieved the revised target set at collection of 1711 Bottles of Blood. Till date collection is of 1728 Bottles of Blood.

Veranstaltung/Projekt: Lions Training
Name der Veranstaltung/des Projekts: RLLI training in Iceland
Distrikt: MD109
Ziele der Veranstltung/des Projekts:
To train Lions to become better leaders in their club, community, zone and district.
Beschreibung des Projekts/Ergebnisse:
This was a two weekend event attended by 30 Lions from all over Iceland. Of them 11 or 36% were women. The Institute was very successful and all participants agreed that the training had been a success and that many of them would now be prepared to take accept leadership roles in their clubs, zone or district.

Veranstaltung/Projekt: Project Leadership
Name der Veranstaltung/des Projekts: Thelesemia project
Distrikt: 323J
Ziele der Veranstltung/des Projekts:
to educate and checkup thelesemmia of school girls
Beschreibung des Projekts/Ergebnisse:
1728 girls of highschool were educated and checked for thelesemmia

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