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Grassroots Programs - PIP Grindstaff
1:24 minuuttia

1982-1983 International President Everett J. Grindstaff reflects on the grassroots nature of Lions programs.

Fighting Trachoma - PIP Ervin
1:40 minuuttia

1999-2000 International President Jim Ervin reflects on Lions' partnership with The Carter Center to combat trachoma in Ethiopia.

SightFirst China Action - PIP Tam
1:25 minuuttia

2011-2012 International President Wing-Kun Tam reflects on SightFirst China Action and how Lions came to China.

Gates Foundation Partnership - PIP Moore
1:38 minuuttia

2001-2002 International President J. Frank Moore III reflects on the history of Lions' partnership with the Gates Foundation.

School for the Blind Leos
2:20 minuuttia

The newly chartered South Carolina School for the Blind Leos embrace the opportunity to give back to the community and build life skills through leadership opportunities.

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