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Oveido-Winter Springs Lions Enact “Time for Change”
Julkaisuaika Friday September 21, 2018

Many of us don’t give much thought to the coins that accumulate in our pockets or bottoms of our purses, in jars on our dressers or between our...

Lions of Japan are Hard at Work After Multiple Disasters Pummel the Nation
Julkaisuaika Thursday September 13, 2018

Over the past two months, Japan has an unprecedented amount of natural disasters. Earthquakes, torrential downpours, flooding, heatwaves and landslides have all left their mark on the Pacific...

LCIF Supports Lions Program to Prevent Diabetes
Julkaisuaika Wednesday September 12, 2018

When District 1 J was considering new ways to give back to their suburban Chicago community, Lion Jeri DiPasquale had an idea. At age 13, her son had...

#LionsYouthExchange: Leo Madi’s Story
Julkaisuaika Friday August 17, 2018

In the summer of 2017, I had the honor of participating in the Lions Youth Camp and Exchange Program in Austria. Prior to this trip, I had never...

LCIF Offers Hope in Kerala
Julkaisuaika Thursday August 16, 2018

Kerala, in southwestern India, is known for palm-lined beaches and lush tea and spice plantations. Every year, monsoon season leaves Kerala bright and verdant. But this year is...

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