About Our Web Site

As part of a major branding initiative, Lions ClubsInternational is launching this new English Web site to:

Our new Web site has familiarsections, including About Lions, Becoming a Lion, The Foundation and News andEvents. We've also added three new sections, Our Impact, Our Work and theMember Center, to make it easier for all of our Web site visitors to findinformation and complete tasks quickly.

Our Impact

The Our Impact section includesstories, photos and information that show how Lions are making a difference.This section includes three main areas:

Our Work

TheOur Work section provides information about what Lions do. It includes generalinformation about our Sight, Youth, Health, International Relations, Communityand Environment programs that is of interest to the public, media and potentialmembers. However, operational information Lions need to planprojects is in another new section of our Web site, the new MemberCenter.

New Member Center

The MemberCenter provides the information Lions need to do service projects andmanage clubs and districts. We've included only operational content inthis section to simplify the Web site for our members – and to make it mucheasier to find information Lions need to run a club or district.


Lions told usthat one of their biggest concerns was being able to find the information theyneed easily. That's why our new Web site features several new ways to help youcomplete tasks and find information.

New Search Engine

One of thebest features on our Web site is an improved Google Search Engine thatallows you to locate content quickly. The new search function makes it easy tofind what you're looking for.

To searchfor a topic, just type a word or phrase in the Search box in the upper rightcorner of any Web page and click the blue button. The Search engine willdisplay a list of pages that are related to the word or phrase you entered,with the most relevant pages listed first. For example, typing"logo" in the Search box will display a list of pages that provideaccess to – or information about – official LCI logos.


Our new Web site is a reflection ofthe information gleaned from Lions around the world and our staff in Oak Brook.We met with dozens of Lions and LCI staff members to gather feedback about ourWeb site. We also conducted online surveys and usability tests with members toreorganize our Web site content.

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