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Lue mitä muut piirit ja klubit tekevät

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Tipo di evento/progetto: Mentoring
Nome dell'evento/del progetto: Regional Lions Leadership Institute
Distretto: Multiple District 404 Nigeria
Scopi dell'evento/del progetto:
To prepare clubs Presidents in coordinate effective meeting & mentor them in motivating other club members,improvement of communication skill.Managing clubs administration & finance.Including project management and goal setting.
Certified Lions Club President in dedication to excellence in leadership development.

Tipo di evento/progetto: Lions Training
Nome dell'evento/del progetto: National Faculty Development Institute
Distretto: 132 Macedonia
Scopi dell'evento/del progetto:
To have trained lion trainers who will engage into further spreading the lions knowledge and create future leaders and lions dedicated to serving the community thus making the district stronger and help retaining the members.
In accordance with the Strategic Plan of the District, the concept of leadership development is to train all lions, reach to all clubs and bring the district and the international association closer to the members. The first step was to prepare a group of lions leaders to become trainers and help spread the knowledge and skills necessary for being a successful leader.
In preparation of the Regional Lions Leadership Institute, and the implementation of the Leadership Development Priorities of the Strategic Plan our district hosted a National Faculty Development Institute (NFDI), which took place in February 2012 in Skopje. At the NFDI International Director Gudrun Yngvadottir of Iceland, Chairperson of the Leadership Development Committee of the International Board of Directors was the lecturer, while First Vice-District Governor Andreja Stokovski, acted as facilitator. Through the Institute 17 lion leaders were trained and became members of the Faculty of the Lions Leadership Institut

Tipo di evento/progetto: Project Leadership
Nome dell'evento/del progetto: GLT Plan and realization 2011-2014
Distretto: D-132 Macedonia
Scopi dell'evento/del progetto:
1. Analyze the starting point
2. Setting the Goals
3. Define the Plan
3A. District's Leadership Institute
3B. Education
3C. Curriculums
3D. Schedules
4. Realization
1. The Analyze show that the Members and Leaders need more Education
2. The Goals:
- Recognized,motivated and educated Leaders
- Oriented Members (Informed and conscious)
3. The Plan:
3A. Charter District's Leadership Institute
- Selection the Trainers
- Education the Trainers
3B. Education
- Target Groups
- Topics and Themes
3C. Curriculums
3D. Schedules for the Curriculums
I compose this Curricilums and Schedules: BASIC for all Club members,new Club Members,LEO Presidents, ADMINISTRATION (A. for Club Secretaries, B. for Club Treasurers), MEMBERSHIP for Club Membership Chairpersons and GMT Members, MENTORING for Guiding Lions, LEADING for Club Presidents, COORDINATING for Zone and Region Chairpersons, SERVING for DG's Cabinet officers, RLLI for Club Presidents, selected and volunteer potential Leaders. 2-nd VD's goes to SLLI, FDI and ELLI for Trainers (On February 2012 Gudrun Ingvadottir and Andreja Stojkovski were the Lecturers on Seminar for 16 new Trainers).More by e-mail

Tipo di evento/progetto: Lions Training
Nome dell'evento/del progetto: GMT-GLT Workshop
Distretto: 324A1
Scopi dell'evento/del progetto:
Need for membership growth & Enhancement of leadership skills
A wide range of topics were taken up to review and motivate the Leaders of the Club and District.

Tipo di evento/progetto: Other
Nome dell'evento/del progetto: Panchamani-GMT/GLT Seminar
Distretto: 323-H1
Scopi dell'evento/del progetto:
GMT/GLT Seminar
Mission of “Panchamani” –
Aspiring to reveal the secrets to reduce the stress along with providing appropriate guidance on GMT and GLT to our beloved Lion members along with their families of Dist 323-H1 project “Panchmani” was planned. Keys to happy successful life are Family Support, Friendship, Passion and Compassion; Mission Panchmani is to provide the key to unlock the doors... was the mission. And Lionism is a way of Life was slogan.
The best possible place was Panchmari, which is the unsurpassed mesmerizing tourist hill station retreat destination. The month of November worked as the cherry on the cake which gave us astonishing response of 188 registrations of 71 families. All the Lion Members of Dist. 323-H1 and spouses were invited (Information Brochures).
Nov 18,Friday Pachmari; all the registered delegates arrived between 3.00pm to 5.30 pm. The registration team handed over the hotel room keys,program details and conference kits to the delegates and everyone check-in their rooms with a huge smile after looking at the respective name tags which were already placed on the doors. Everyone was thrilled after getting the surprise of welcome cards in the room.
All the delegates and honorable speakers were welcomed in a soothing atmosphere. The first session was conducted at 7:10 to 9:30 on “Ristye Kaise Nibhaye”. New and older Lions members participated together, learning and having fun at the same time. It gave insight on small things of day to day life which are over shadowed by materialistic world and which causes stress. Simple communication between family members is needed to strengthen bond between generations.
Saturday 19th Nov. The day started with an awe-inspiring session on Attitude, followed by a session on Team Work. After a break, there was a session on the secrets of Motivation. Following this session was a presentation of knowledge on leadership and the GLT.
The day concluded with the evening special banquet with presentation of recognition certificates and honors. The next morning was open for enjoyment of the beauty of Panchmari by all Lions and their families.

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