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President's Message

President's Message

Naresh Aggarwal

2017-2018 International President

Innovation: We’re the King of the Jungle

Not bound by the chains of the past, emboldened by its aura of freedom, America a century ago was an incubator of innovation. There was jazz. The Broadway musical. And, a social movement, Lions Clubs, the first group of any stature to dedicate itself to community service.

As Lions grew in numbers and influence, we were wonderfully open to new ideas, new ways of doing things. Lions didn’t always conceive of an intriguing original idea, but we quickly adopted it and helped popularize it: service dogs for the blind, eye banks and the white cane. To get where we wanted to go, to serve efficiently and broadly, Lions did not ever hesitate to do things differently and creatively.

The spirit of innovation continues to be a hallmark of clubs, districts and Lions Clubs International. Whether it’s a homeless shelter that provides vocational training for children, raising awareness of the need to recycle through a Trash Fashion Show or, ingeniously, making lawn decorations such as pumpkins and snowmen out of beetle-killed trees to raise money, Lions refuse to simply replicate worn-out service methods but instead invigorate communities with fun, clever and inspiring events and activities that help those in need.

This being the digital age, our innovation extends to social media and smartphones. MyLion, a world-class mobile app, is dramatically changing the way we serve and communicate. It’s a brave new world indeed, and Lions are courageously blazing new digital trails. The world is speeding up, spinning faster and increasingly becoming a true global village. MyLion puts us in the heart of the town square, able to be a linchpin of social improvement, thanks to our communication prowess.

All of this leads me to ask: how is your club doing? If it works for you, keep doing it. If you know you can do better, be brave and be innovative. After all, being daring is part of our Lion DNA. It’s a cliché, but we are the king of the jungle, distinguished by our courage to stride fearlessly forward. I wish you the best this year in your service and know, based on a century of success, that as Lions you will reach your goals.

Naresh Aggarwal

Lions Clubs International President

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