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President's Message

President's Message

2016-17 International PresidentChancellor Bob Corlew

The Best Way to Observe the Centennial

The other day I heard a sports commentator talk about a great athlete’s legacy. The player was an all-star every year and a probable Hall of Famer, but the commentator remarked he needed to win this championship to cement his legacy. We hear that word a lot—legacy. It’s part of discussions about artists, elected officials and innovators. Somehow there is something greater than the sum of our accomplishments. There is an identity or a lasting effect we can create that transcends what we have done and serves as a capstone, an obvious high point.

We have the opportunity to make the Lions Clubs International (LCI) Centennial more than just a celebration. We have an opportunity to leave a lasting impact on our communities. Centennial Legacy Projects are a great way for your club to cement its value and leave a lasting impression. It’s a way for your club to celebrate the Centennial while reminding the community of your vital contributions.

Clubs worldwide have eagerly embraced this initiative. More than 4,000 Legacy Projects have been reported to LCI on MyLCI. Clubs are undertaking smaller initiatives such as making park benches or doing larger projects such as building clinics and expanding libraries.  Many of the projects are innovative and ingenious such as the donation of the Kensington Lions in Prince Edward Island in Canada of a dozen 16-channel transmitters/receiver sound units to a school to enhance learning.

With three levels to choose from, there’s an opportunity for every club to get involved:

  • Level 1 Legacy Projects will raise your community visibility. Post new Lions signs, donate park benches, dedicate a statue or provide a park fountain.
  • Level 2 Legacy Projects are about giving back to the community. Give a gift that lasts—refurbish a park, build a footbridge over a heavily-traveled road, fund resources for the visually impaired, or donate a vehicle to a community organization that needs one.
  • Level 3 Legacy Projects are large-scale efforts. These include building a clinic, expanding a library or school, equipping a hospital or developing a training center to teach new work or life skills.

So connect with your community by planning a Legacy Project during our centennial. Make your centennial celebration unforgettable by giving your community a lasting gift that Lions and community members will never forget.

Chancellor Bob Corlew

Lions Clubs International President

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