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Public Relations and Communications Division

Public Relations and Communications Division

This division designs, produces and prints all association publications, including the Headquarters edition of the LION Magazine. Staff also provides official material for 32 other editions of the LION worldwide.

(630) 468-6817
Fax: 630-571-1685

Dane LaJoye - Division Manager, PR & Communications: (630) 468-6764
Chris Bunch - Department Manager, Corporate Communications: (630) 468-6827

Other responsibilities include the supervision and execution of public relations efforts designed to inform members and the general public of association activities. Audiovisual programs, speeches and biographical information for the international board of directors are also produced by division staff.

The division is responsible for the following international programs:

Advertising and Production Department

  • Advertising x6880

Audio Visuals & Events Department
Direct: (630) 203-3812

Corporate Communications Department

LION Magazine

  • Editor x6805
  • Address change, non-receipt of, x3830

Online Communications Department

  • E-Clubhouse and E-District Clubhouse x6882
  • Website x6977
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