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Host Families


Become a Host Family

When you host a young person from another country, many things happen.

  • You experience the joy of sharing your culture and daily customs
  • You learn about your visitor's customs and culture
  • You make a new friend, maybe a friend for life

What to Expect

Exchange participants are usually between the ages of 15 and 22, and come from any of the more than 200 countries and geographic locations where there are Lions clubs. Your guest will have basic or better knowledge of the language of your country. To be in the program, he or she will have completed an admissions process.

Host families should include the participant in their daily routine, including family meals. Local excursions are not required of host families, but the host Lions club often arranges for participants to visit local points of interest. They may also help organize picnics and get-togethers.

If you are a host family already expecting an exchange participant, you may also want to read our Host Family Guide.

Host Family Eligibility

The host Lions club must approve all host families. To be eligible to become a host family you must:

  • Have regular contact with youth of the approximate age of the participant
  • Know the participant's language
  • Be familiar with Lions clubs and the goals of the Lions International Youth Camp and Exchange Program
  • Be able to provide a bed and meals for your guest
  • Follow all local laws related to youth protection
  • Meet insurance requirements

How to Apply

Apply to become a host family today by contacting your local Lions club. Or submit a host family application to your local Lions club for review.

Once an exchange is confirmed, you and your guest will correspond via e-mail, mail or telephone. You should also attend an orientation meeting provided by the host Lions club.

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