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Philippines Library

"Being in this kind of environment, where the resources are limited, it will probably be the last thing that is going to come to their mind to put up a library. So this is such a big help for the children to improve their learning."

Joan Merida,
Makati Golden Lions Club

"Today I came here and I saw those kids smile. I am very happy. Please cooperate with LCIF, please donate."

Shinzo Suzuki,
Nagoya West Lions Club

Turning the Page on Illiteracy

Poverty impacts the lives of many families in the Philippines who struggle to survive. In some Filipino communities, there is only one textbook for every five students. And fewer than 20 percent of schools in the country have computers.

Location: Kagawad Kalinga, Manila, Philippines
Kagawad Kalinga, Manila, Philippines

The Lions Step In

Japanese and Filipino Lions teamed up to build a library in the Philippines for children in need. “We decided to build this library so that the children in this community can have a place to research and study,” said Geraldine Colomo of the Makati Golden Lions Club. Lions also felt the library needed a multi-media center. “A computer is necessary nowadays,” said Shinzo Suzuki of the Nagoya West Lions Club. “So I like them to study or get more knowledge about computer use.” And with support from Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), Lions provided new computers and educational software for the library.

A New Chapter

“Through the help of LCIF, the Nagoya West Lions Club and the Makati Golden Lions Club built a library for the children to have an education,” said Pat Serrano of the Makati Golden Lions Club. Just knowing that the children will be educated and have a bright future ahead of them is extremely gratifying to the Lions who took part in the project. According to Dang Loreano, a member of the Makati Golden Lions Club, “I hope that through this library these kids will realize their dreams someday.”


LCIF provided an international assistance grant for the library. Lions in the Philippines also partnered with Lions from Japan to complete the project.

Tips and Tools

Make It Happen: How to build a library for students in need

Why did Lions decide to do this project? »
There was a lack of supplies, especially books, in the public school in this community.
Where did you start? »
Lions in the Philippines and Lions in Japan discussed the situation, and decided to build a new library.
How did you fund the project? »
We received an international assistance grant from LCIF.
How long did it take? »
Once we received the LCIF grant, it took two months to build the library.
How did you get other Lions clubs/organizations involved? »
LCIF international assistance grants require the involvement of Lions clubs in at least two countries. To get the grant process started, the Makati Golden Lions Club in the Philippines contacted its sister club, the Nagoya West Lions Club in Japan.
Any special words of advice? »
If you have a big project, partner with another Lions club. Also, contact LCIF to see if they offer grants for the type of project you’re working on.

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