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Peace Village

"To celebrate 50 years of Lions in Germany, all the German Lions Clubs jointly supported the construction of four new houses for the children in Peace Village."

Klemmens Hempsch,
Moenchengladbach Lions Club

"The Peace Village shows that many nationalities can live together in peace, and we hope the children will take this belief back to their home countries."

Heike Bruckmann,
Peace Village International

"Sponsoring these houses means a lot to us Lions because Peace Village has been able to take in more children, and improve more lives."

Norbert Battenhausen,
Wetzlar Solms Lions Club

Providing a Place for Children to Heal

In many countries, gaining access to proper medical care is difficult for children who are sick – or badly injured. For many of these children, adequate medical treatment is simply not available in the country where they live.

Location: Oberhausen, Germany
Oberhausen, Germany

The Lions Step In

In Germany, Lions and LCIF are reaching across borders to help children in need. That’s why they partner with Peace Village International and support a place where children can receive medical care. “Where else can you see so many children from all over the world come together and receive the kind of help they could never get at home,” says Norbert Battenhausen of the Wetzlar Solms Lions Club. “Making a home away from home for these kids is important to Lions. With support from LCIF, Lions have partnered with Peace Village to make sure the children have medicine they need, an updated kitchen to prepare warm meals and a secure place to rest and recuperate.”

Open to Everyone

The Peace Village helps children from all over the world, like 11-year old Mohebullah, who lost his hand in a landmine explosion in Afghanistan. He came to the Peace Village for rehabilitation following an operation to give him the chance to use his injured arm effectively. Children like Mohebullah receive months of physical therapy before returning home to their families. “The treatment here is really a chance at survival – it makes it possible for children to lead an independent life,” according to Heike Bruckmann of Peace Village International.

What children receive at the Peace Village goes far beyond new limbs and improved health. By living, working and healing together, they develop new friendships, a new outlook on life and a new understanding of peace.

Fast Facts

At any one time, as many as 300 children – from infants to teenagers – are receiving treatment for burns, infections, and injuries. Since 1967, Peace Village has treated nearly 42,000 children.

Tips and Tools

Make It Happen: How to plan a project that helps children heal.

Why did the club decide on this project? »
We heard about children who had severe injuries, and wanted to help. So, we decided to support a place where kids can heal physically and emotionally.
Where did you start? »
We partnered with Peace Village International and provided donations to expand the facility several years ago.
How did you fund the project? »
German Lions supported the construction of new residence buildings. We secured grants from LCIF to upgrade the facilities.
How can clubs find injured children who need medical care? »
Partner with other groups in your local community, including doctors and hospitals, to find children who are in need.
Any special words of advice? »
When you’re doing a large project, ask others to help. You can apply for LCIF grants, work with other clubs or partner with other organizations to accomplish your goal.

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