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Video Instructions

Video Instructions

How Do I Comment on a Video?

The Comment link will take you to a comments section, where you can read comments about a certain video posted by other individuals or fill out and submit a form with your own comments about a video.

How Do I Share a Video?

Some videos on LNN feature sharing buttons, which are displayed under the videos. These buttons include:

  • Like: Allows you to login in and “like” video through Facebook and displays the number of Likes on Facebook for each particular video.
  • Share This: Clicking on this will allow you to share a video through email or by way of a number of social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and more.
  • YouTube: This link will take you to the YouTube Web site, where you can watch that particular video using YouTube. You can also share the YouTube link across multiple social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

How Do I Order a Video?

Certain videos are available for order on DVD. If you click the order link, you will either be presented with a form to fill out and submit or you will be taken to the Lions online store where you can order the DVD directly.

How Do I Download a Video?

The Download button will allow you to download a copy of available videos to your local computer for playback at a later time.

To download a video, click the Download button displayed below the video, which will take you to another page. Right click the Download Video link on this page and save the file to your computer. The instruction you select will vary depending on your browser: 

  • For Mozilla Firefox and Chrome, select "Save Link As"
  • For Internet Explorer, select "Save Target As"
  • For Safari, select "Download Linked File As"

The file that will download to your computer is a .mp4 file.  You must have iTunes, QuickTime or some other free video player software (such as VLC Media Player - installed on your computer that will allow playback of mp4 video files.

Warning: The file size of the videos varies by length. Some are large files and may take a few minutes to download.

How Do I Download a Video through iTunes?

The iTunes link is present for videos available on iTunes and will take you to the iTunes website where you can download that particular video (also known as a podcast) using iTunes.

What Is A Podcast?

A podcast is an audio or video file that is distributed electronically through the internet to be played on computers (PCs and Macs) and on multimedia players, such as iPods and other MP3 players. Most podcasts, including Lions podcasts, are free of charge.

How Do I Access Podcasts?

You can now download podcasts by clicking on the iTunes button below the video you wish to add. This will take you to the iTunes Web site where you can download the video directly to your computer, as well as to your portable player. Download iTunes software free of charge from the Apple Web site. Click the Subscribe button on the iTunes site to automatically receive all future Lions videos as they are added. By subscribing, future editions of these podcasts will automatically be downloaded to your computer and available for you to view.

What Is RSS?

RSS is a Web feed format used for distributing information. Using RSS reader software, such as Firefox or SharpReader, enables you to click an RSS button to have information, including future editions of LQ, automatically downloaded to your computer as it becomes available.

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