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App Support - iPad

App Support - iPad

LION Magazine Support for the iPad App

Write: LION Magazine
300 W 22nd Street
Oak Brook, IL 60523-8842 USA

Call: 630-468-6909 or 630-468-6805

E-mail: magazine@lionsclubs.org

App Installation on iPad

  • On your iPad tap "App Store", and in the search field type "lion magazine" and tap "Search"
  • Or tap here and then tap "View in iTunes".
  • Tap "Free" then "Install"
  • Enter you Apple ID and password
Lion Magazine App Support Step 1
A button will be placed on your home screen, tap it to open the app.
Lion Magazine App Support Step 2
The current LION Magazine, and all available electronic versions, will display. Tap "Download" for the issues you wish to read.
Lion Magazine App Support Step 3
Wait until the issue has downloaded.
Lion Magazine App Support Step 4
When the issue has finished downloading, tap the "View" button.
Lion Magazine App Support Step 5
After you have finished reading the instructions, tap the "X" in the upper right corner to close the instructions.
Lion Magazine App Support Step 6

If you get the following message, you are trying to view the iPad app on a device that isn't supported.

Android users can download the Android App here.

Lion Magazine App Support - iPad Only
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