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Lion Magazine FAQ

Lion Magazine FAQ

My spouse and I are both Lions, and we both receive an issue of LION Magazine. Can we cancel one?

Instead of canceling a subscription to the magazine, we suggest that you drop off the extra copy at your local public or school library, mail it to a local government leader or place it in a waiting room at your place of business or any other suitable location. This way, non-Lions can access information about the association and its programs.

How many languages is LION Magazine published in?
LION Magazine is published in 20 languages – English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Swedish, Italian, German, Finnish, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Chinese, Norwegian, Icelandic, Turkish, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian and Thai. There are 32 editions of the magazine

When is LION Magazine published?
The headquarters edition of the LION Magazine is published 11 times annually. July/August is a combined issue.

Can I purchase a subscription if I am a non-Lion?
Yes. The subscription price is US$6/year for those living in North America, US$12/year if mailed outside North America.

If I live in another country, can I still get the North American, English version of LION Magazine?
Yes. You would have to pay the subscription price of US$12.

How can I get an audio version of the headquarters edition of LION Magazine?
Learning Ally and Books Aloud both furnish CDs, free-of-charge, to the blind. For more information, contact Learning Ally at 1-800-221-4792 or Books Aloud at 408-808-2613. An audio version of the LION Magazine is also available on the Lions' website.

How can I get a Braille or large print version of LION Magazine?
At this time we do not have a company to recommend for Braille or large print editions.

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