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Host City Information

Host Committee Chairperson

Message from 2016 Host Committee

Dear Fellow Lions and Lionesses:

With joy and a touch of awe, I am honored to announce that the 99th Lions Clubs Annual International Convention will be held in Fukuoka City, Japan, for five days, from June 24th through June 28th, 2016.

It has been some 60 years since the Lionism was propagated in Japan in 1952. The International Convention will take place in Japan for the first time in 14 years, and Fukuoka City will be the 3rd host city in Japan―after Tokyo and Osaka. It should be a big gathering with over 35,000 people attending from across Japan and all over the globe.

Fukuoka City, having also successfully hosted the 51st OSEAL Forum in November 2012, is situated in the southwest part of Japan and the largest commercial city in Kyushu. Its origin dates back 1,400 years to a time when it was a prosperous trading port in East Asia, called “Hakata-no-tsu.” There was once “Dazaifu,” a regional government of ancient Japan, and “Tenman-gu,” a Shinto shrine that is well known for the god of learning, was built. Fukuoka is an attractive city where the old and the new perfectly blend.

Fukuoka City is also recognized as a gourmet city with fresh seafood from “Genkai Sea” and various popular local food/dishes.

Traditional festivals such as “Hakata Gion Yamakasa” and “Hakata Dontaku” which attract millions of spectators every year, lively shopping and business district around “Tenjin” and “Hakata Station,” a variety of food stands lining up in one of Japan’s largest entertainment districts, “Nakasu,” the bountiful nature of which scenery changes from season to season, and a “spirit of hospitality” that Hakata merchants extend to visitors will definitely make you want to stay in this city longer.

At the International Convention, a lot of members will come from all over the world and celebrate, get to know each other better and learn together. I hope it will serve as a good opportunity for members from overseas to experience Japanese society and culture, and ultimately find out about the Japan Lions Club in the world. A spirit of Lionism was created by Melvin Jones 100 years ago, and it has since charmed a mass of members around the world, becoming an immensely profound and broadening great river, thanks to considerable charitable works subsequently implemented. To participate in the International Convention in Japan is to purify yourself in such a great river. You will be able to discover something new in the river by having firsthand knowledge of the current conditions of Lions Clubs around the world.

For the purpose of uniting Lions Clubs across the world and shaping the future of our great association, we will accommodate participants with loads of program events including meaningful discussions, intriguing seminars, international parades for you to enjoy cultural diversity of the world while marching in downtown Fukuoka City, grand plenary sessions, exciting and thrilling International Show, and the election of the next Lions Clubs International President.

We, the International Convention Hosting Committee, will do everything in our power to offer every single member participant an inspiring and delightful week, and believe that this will be the best opportunity for the public to get to know the Lions Clubs International.

You are cordially invited to sign up and attend the 2016 International Convention.

Yasumasa Furo

99th International Convention

Host Committee Chairperson



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