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Centennial Service Challenge

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For nearly 100 years, Lions have served their communities with dedication and contributed to the development and well-being of millions of people around the world. As we look toward our centennial celebration in 2017, Lions are encouraged to help reach the Centennial Service Challenge goal of serving 100 million people by December 2017 through participation in the Global Service Action Campaigns.

You can help spread the word! Encourage your Lions club officers to report service activities through MyLCI, the online membership and activity reporting system. For more information, visit MyLCI and review our Frequently Asked Questions about service activity reporting. Lions clubs that participate and report activities through My LCI's online service activity report will be awarded a special banner patch in recognition of their contribution to service.

Guidance on Number of People Served When It’s Not So Clear

For some service activities, like cleaning up a stream bank, it might be difficult to estimate the number served.  There is no right or wrong answer. To help your club list a reasonable number of people served in these cases -- the clean-up of a stream bank or road side can be based on the number of people who visit every year, and projects of more permanent types (such as the construction of a park, playground or an ongoing community recycling program) can benefit the entire community, so list the population of the town.

There is no incorrect answer, but these guidelines can hopefully explain to the public just how much good Lions clubs provide.

To learn more about the Centennial Service Challenge and participate in this exciting initiative, read our Centennial Service Challenge FAQs or email us at  

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